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Palo Duro Smooth Rag 310

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You asked for a smooth, top performing fine art paper and we listened! Following on the heels of the award winning Palo Duro Etching, Palo Duro Smooth Rag 310 is everything you could ask for in a heavy smooth cotton paper.

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Reviews for Palo Duro Smooth Rag 310

Superb matte surface printing paper
John McQuade
I have used several matte surface fine art printing papers with my Epson Sure Color P800 and P600. Of them all, I have been most impressed with Palo Duro Smooth Rag 310. The printed image quality is good whether the prints are in color or B&W.
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I’m happy with it
Lou Vest
I bought a new wide format printer and have to experiment with new paper. I was already using other papers of theirs for books because they have good options on double sided papers and grain short/long which are used for books. Red River has excellent support. I even found myself talking to the owner once when the support agent couldn’t answer a question about grain on a paper. In the middle of a call while waiting for something to download a support person solved a Canon printer problem that Canon hadn’t been able to resolve. They have good online support and a fine library of drivers. So when looking for a new fine art paper I gave them first shot. When the Etching 315 didn’t give me a good result (might be my fault - still learning the new printer) I ordered some Palo Duro 310. The paper has a good feel to it, the prints were what I wanted and the ability to buy 17x25 paper for 16x24 prints is great. Bottom line is once the printer/computer/monitor/paper are lined up to play nice with each other the results are excellent.
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Fine Art Papers
Laurie Ford
Verified Buyer
I ordered a box of 11 by 17 Palo Duro Smooth 310 for photographic prints and was not happy. The paper was not flat, but wavy - curved up at corners, and my printer continually refused to print signaling an error. Due to the irregularity in the paper - the wavy, curved corners - it kept "jamming" and I finally gave up. I even tried flattening the paper with weight but that did not correct the situation. I know it was not the printer because I was doing other large format prints with different, heavier papers. Unfortunately too much time had gone by for me to return the paper. I would recommend the Palo Duro Etching 315 paper as an alternative.
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Very fine paper
Mark Muse
Verified Buyer
Palo Duro doesn't have quite the D-max or the neutral brightness of my standard rag paper (Epson Legacy Fibre), but the natural white is a beautiful creamy white, color rendering is excellent, and the provided ICC profile is very good. I would like to give special mention to the surface of the printed sheet which is a really beautiful velvet finish. I have used this for both color and monochrome images for which it works equally well. If I were able to change anything about this paper it would be to make a higher maximum density while retaining all of its other qualities. But really, it is excellent the way it is.
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One of the best papers
Lewis J. Crawford
Verified Buyer
I have been using Red River papers for years, but when I tested this paper, I knew it was going to be my go-to matte fine-art paper. It has an amazing finish with rich blacks and deep colors. I do a lot of mixed media work and draw on my photographs. This paper does an outstanding job with graphite and India ink, too.
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Amazing paper
Ellen Wascou
Verified Buyer
I love this paper. I've been using it for a long time. Everything I print just looks sensational on Palo Duro Smooth. Simply my favorite Red River paper ever.
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Surprised and pleased...
Barry Berenson
Verified Buyer
I don't often use matte paper but I needed the weight and something that you can write on, in this case. The paper, when used with the correct paper setting and profile is exceptionally good, and the blacks are also good. I would recommend that you give it a try.
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It's weather sensitive
Kathy Jurek
Verified Buyer
Palo Duro Smooth Rag is a really nice paper but is is sensitive to humidity and I have experienced 3 orders this year where it is curled so it hits the heads when it prints and gets black marks on the edges. Sometimes I can uncurl it enough so it works but other times it doesn't. I can sometimes trim the black off, but it is inconvenient when I have a lot of printing. I prefer and highly recommend the Palo Duro Etching but it has been sold out a lot and that is when I have ordered the smooth.
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Beautiful paper and weight.
Dan M
Verified Buyer
I love this paper for matte prints. It is slightly warm with a thick and luxurious feel. I mostly use it with my Epson P800 for beautiful color and b&w prints. I use the 5x7 version mostly for proofs, but the prints are high enough quality that I have no hesitation in matting / framing them or giving them as gifts.
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Takes some work but worth the effort

I have not found this paper prints to easily, I would not recommend it for quick prints. But if you put in a bit of extra effort in it, it is worth the effort.
AJB - 01/24/2020
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Judy Mandolf
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