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Palo Duro Smooth Rag 310

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You asked for a smooth, top performing fine art paper and we listened! Following on the heels of the award winning Palo Duro Etching, Palo Duro Smooth Rag 310 is everything you could ask for in a heavy smooth cotton paper.

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* Price per square foot for rolls.
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Palo Duro Smooth Rag 310 Details & Information


You asked for a smooth, top performing fine art paper and we listened! Following on the heels of the award winning Palo Duro Etching, Palo Duro Smooth Rag 310 is everything you could ask for in a heavy smooth cotton paper.

Made from 100% cotton rag, Palo Duro Smooth Rag 310 gives you the classic look of a fine photographic art print. The surface adds just the right amount of texture to your print and will not distract from the details you worked so hard to capture. This OBA-free archival paper is ideal for museum quality and conservation grade prints.

Why "Art" Paper for Photography? - For many years, cotton art papers were emulsion coated for darkroom printing. The result is sublime - an elegant surface texture and sophisticated hand-feel. With modern inkjet coating, your prints will have a powerful impact and are sure to please.

Warmer White Paper - Palo Duro Smooth is a natural white paper. This is because we do not add any chemicals that make paper look bright white. The whites of your image are going to take on an elegant, warmer look. This is a benefit for images of nature, skin tones, landscapes, rich black & whites and artwork reproductions.

Deep Blacks - You will be amazed that a matte paper can make luxurious deep blacks. The secret is a barrier coat between the paper and inkjet receiving layer. Ink stays locked into the inkjet coating and cannot sink into the paper base. The results are luxurious deep blacks.

Museum Grade - This means a museum curator would be comfortable putting this paper on display. The keys to museum quality are 100% cotton fiber, acid-free, lignin-free, and optical brightener (OBA) free.

Ideal for:
  • The look and feel of original fine art or darkroom prints
  • Deep blacks, smooth gray tones, true saturated colors
  • Fine photographic reproductions – for sale or for display at home
  • Discerning print enthusiasts
Good To Know:
  • True conservation grade media – No optical brighteners , acid free, lignin free
  • Warm white tone for amazing landscapes, nature, and scenes with a natural color pallet
  • There are no markings or logos on the back
  • Handle this fine product with care - hold by edges and use gloves.
  • Download the Handling Guide to get the most from Palo Duro Smooth.

Red River Paper is made by printing enthusiasts for printing enthusiasts. Whether you are a professional photographer, photographic enthusiast, designer, or business, our experts have firsthand knowledge of all our products. If you have a question, give us a ring or Shoot Us an Email. You’ll receive a lightning-fast response from an actual live human with actual real-life expertise.

* Always display inkjet prints under glass, plastic or in a book for maximum print life.

  • Base Stock: 100% cotton rag content. Acid free base stock and coating. Internally buffered. No optical brighteners present. 90 brightness.
  • Paper Weight: 310gsm (82lb.)
  • Thickness: 18 mil
  • Coated: Microporous coated one side
  • Back: Printable plain paper
  • Paper Tone: Natural (warmer) white
  • Surface: Smooth matte
  • Pigment Ink Users: This media uses Matte Black inks.
Paper Weight Comparison Scale
Is this paper compatible with your printer's ink?

All products are compatible with aqueous inks. Not designed for solvent or UV.

Will this paper feed into your printer?

Paper feed is related to your printer's design and age. It can also hinge on your willingness to put some extra work into the process with heavy and thick papers.

  • Desktop Printer With Front Paper Tray ONLY: No
  • Desktop Printer with Rear / Top Paper Tray: Yes*
  • Epson Wide Format: Yes
  • Canon Wide Format: Yes
  • HP Wide Format: Yes
  • Other Aqueous & Latex Printers: Yes
  • HP Desktop - No

* Heavy cotton art papers may not consistently auto-feed in the top main paper tray. They can be fed by hand easily, and may feed without assistance on some occasions. Returns on this paper are not accepted on the basis of feed problems.

* If your printer has a specialty media path, we recommend you use it with this paper. If you only have a top paper tray, you can use this product one sheet at a time.

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Great Service Prompt Delivery

I have used Red River for both photographic paper and Epson inks for several years. They have never messed up an order, and I can count on getting them quickly - usually within a week. I don't use anyone else's products!
DenverPhotography - 04/22/2014
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Natalie Dybisz aka Miss Aniela
Fine art photographer
"Using an HP Photosmart C4580 set to best photo quality, I chose Arctic Polar Luster as my paper choice because the paper's surface shows the saturation of the image in full, without distorting the shadow areas, and without the hindrance of reflection"

Reviews for Palo Duro Smooth Rag 310

terrible paper
Gary Gruber
I have been using Red River papers exclusively since 2018. I needed a 17x25 and my regular paper Palo Duro Baryta Fiber 300 was out of stock so I thought I would try this. I have an exhibit coming up soon and I would be embarrassed to display using this paper. The blacks are extremely weak. This is not photo paper by any definition.
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The. Best!
Tony Botticello
When my (previous) fave paper went out of production (Harman Gloss Art Fibre Warmtone) several years ago, I was lucky enough to have a bunch on hand. I started to order 'sample packs' from everyone who manufactured a 'Fine Art' paper, hoping someone would have something close. I spent a lot of money on 'samples'. Long story short - I wanted a Non-OBA, natural, museum grade paper. Not glossy. Not matte. Close to Lustre, but not anywhere near glossy. And a lot of 'tooth' - for whatever reason, I've gotta have the thickness and stiffness that this paper has. This paper fulfills my requirements. Surely not for everything, (some subjects just gotta have gloss!) but darned close. Try some. Present it to your clients, your peers, your camera club, your family - and get used to the "oh, wow" comments!
7 of 10 customers found this helpful.
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Inferior paper to Moab counterpart
van Ommering Lucille
Your website said that this paper compared favorably with Moab Somerset Museum Rag. Sadly, I beg to differ. The paper tends to curl around the edges. It has a warmer uneven tint and seems especially so around the edges. The tonal quality is also flatter than Moab Somerset. This is not a paper I would spend money on again.
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Palo Duro Smooth Rag 310
I love this paper! I have tried several other papers from Red River but this paper, for me is the best suited for my printing needs. I feel as if I am back in the dark room!
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Surprised by product quality and shipping
Roger Sprague
I have been looking for a Non OBA paper to print archival quality prints for our family history collection of photos. After testing several color photos on the Artisan Natural and Palo Duro Smooth Rag, I was very satisfied to see that the final images were very comparable to Epson's Velvet Fine Art paper which uses an OBA. Although the papers are not as bright as other photo papers, they are very close and should last far long than other media. One other thing, Red River has excellent packing practices. The paper ships in hard cardboard boxes, not in wrap, bags, folders, etc., which are reuseable with lift off covers. They are also much thicker than other competitor boxes. The shipping containers are well packed and will prevent most kinds of damage to the product. Kudos to Red River for providing a great product and great shipping methods.
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Superb matte surface printing paper
John McQuade
I have used several matte surface fine art printing papers with my Epson Sure Color P800 and P600. Of them all, I have been most impressed with Palo Duro Smooth Rag 310. The printed image quality is good whether the prints are in color or B&W.
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I’m happy with it
Lou Vest
I bought a new wide format printer and have to experiment with new paper. I was already using other papers of theirs for books because they have good options on double sided papers and grain short/long which are used for books. Red River has excellent support. I even found myself talking to the owner once when the support agent couldn’t answer a question about grain on a paper. In the middle of a call while waiting for something to download a support person solved a Canon printer problem that Canon hadn’t been able to resolve. They have good online support and a fine library of drivers. So when looking for a new fine art paper I gave them first shot. When the Etching 315 didn’t give me a good result (might be my fault - still learning the new printer) I ordered some Palo Duro 310. The paper has a good feel to it, the prints were what I wanted and the ability to buy 17x25 paper for 16x24 prints is great. Bottom line is once the printer/computer/monitor/paper are lined up to play nice with each other the results are excellent.
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Fine Art Papers
Laurie Ford
Verified Buyer
I ordered a box of 11 by 17 Palo Duro Smooth 310 for photographic prints and was not happy. The paper was not flat, but wavy - curved up at corners, and my printer continually refused to print signaling an error. Due to the irregularity in the paper - the wavy, curved corners - it kept "jamming" and I finally gave up. I even tried flattening the paper with weight but that did not correct the situation. I know it was not the printer because I was doing other large format prints with different, heavier papers. Unfortunately too much time had gone by for me to return the paper. I would recommend the Palo Duro Etching 315 paper as an alternative.
6 of 9 customers found this helpful.
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Very fine paper
Mark Muse
Verified Buyer
Palo Duro doesn't have quite the D-max or the neutral brightness of my standard rag paper (Epson Legacy Fibre), but the natural white is a beautiful creamy white, color rendering is excellent, and the provided ICC profile is very good. I would like to give special mention to the surface of the printed sheet which is a really beautiful velvet finish. I have used this for both color and monochrome images for which it works equally well. If I were able to change anything about this paper it would be to make a higher maximum density while retaining all of its other qualities. But really, it is excellent the way it is.
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