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Polar Luster Metallic 255

Polar Luster Metallic is related to Polar Gloss Metallic 255. The difference is that this paper has a luster texture similar to Arctic Polar Luster.

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photo grade inket paper

Reviews for Polar Luster Metallic 255

Polar Luster Metallic 255
Richard Daniels
Verified Buyer
COMMENT - Just Outright Outstanding Quality – Spot on for my NEEDS - RESPONSE: ORDER & DELIVERY TIME IS THE BEST IN THE INDUSTRY – WORLD CLASS – Drew, Keep up the Great Response to your Customers —
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Polar Luster Metallic Rave Review
Stephen Van Gorder
Verified Buyer
I am a wildlife photographer and my images of the Great Blue Heron have been absolutely stunning on the Polar Luster Metallic paper using the Canon Pixma 100 inkjet printer. I went to the local frame shop and they were gasping with amazement at the subtle but eerie glow of the silvers and blues of a Heron in flight. I much prefer the Polar Luster to the equally stunning Polar Gloss Metallic paper. Great Job, Great Service, BRAVO
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Gorgeous for digital art
Catherine Smith
I'm an illustrator who sells art prints at conventions, and this has become my go-to paper for my prints. The metallic effect is very subtle, giving my art a shimmery glow. My customers are always so impressed when they see it in action. I wouldn't recommend it for artists who work primarily in traditional media, but digital artists who work with saturated colors (as I do) should definitely try it out.
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Nice for Black and White, wish it was 75 pound paper
I compared wide tonal range black and white prints made on this metallic paper and my usual Arctic Polar 75 pound paper. The Black and White prints look better on the metallic paper BUT it bends and crinkles quite a bit more easily. Please have a 75 pound option!
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Love it, more subtle than the Gloss Metallic
Edward Jenner
As someone mentioned, it is more subtle than the gloss, and thus has a different look. I would suggest trying both before buying a larger amount. I shoot landscapes and the images that I want this look for (water works well), I like the more subtle and slightly different look and texture over the gloss metallic. You'll probably get the best look hanging it somewhere where you get a lot of light on the print.
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Wish the Weight of this paper was more obvious
Have always been a fan of Red River and still am. So little disappointed, that after reading the announcement about this paper I ordered some thinking I was getting a Metallic paper similar to my Arctic Polar Luster 75lb which I so love. When the paper arrived I went to put it in the drawer next to all my other boxes of different Red River Papers when I noticed that unlike all the others there was no listing on the label for what lb weight the paper was. I had to do some digging to discover that the weight of this paper is only 66 lbs, not 75 lbs like the Arctic Polar I thought it was being referenced to. Not sure why they seem to not be as up front about this as before, and have deleted this from their initial description and box label.
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Neshama Roash
I ordered a sample box, and this was my favorite paper. I absolutely love it! It is so pretty, and brings a unique depth to my photographs.
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Great Paper
Mike Schier
Just received the sample box and immediately had to print the Polar Luster Metallic samples. Loved the results so much that I have ordered a box. The paper produces the deep sharp colors with the right hint of metallic that sets my pictures apart.
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Very Disappointed
I was very disappointed in this paper. I was expecting it to be similar to the Polar Pearl Metallic 255, which is a great paper but very glossy. Unlike the glossy version, this luster version looks like regular paper unless you inspect it very closely or at just the right angle. The glossy version has a "wow factor" that is missing in the luster version, the metallic effect is very subdued. Also framing it behind glass further reduces the metallic effect to the point where it's not even worth using it. I regret buying so much of this expensive paper without trying it first.
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Great Paper

I have fallen in love with your new Polar Luster Metallic paper on my Epson 4880 and 7600 printers. It has the best bright saturated color with a great easy on the eyes finish. The gamut of the paper is huge and makes soft proofing a breeze, in fact you could run it without soft proofing and still produce great prints.
Lynn Cromer - 06/28/2018
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Professional Profile:
Paul Roark
Fine art photographer
"As an independent fine art photographer and workshop instructor, I usually select what I think makes the most sense for sales or demonstrating different workflows with the B&W inksets I have designed and used. Red River has a broad range of very competitively priced papers that print well with these inksets."