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San Gabriel Baryta SemiGloss 2.0®

Archive grade inkjet photo paper
This Paper is Acid Free
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San Gabriel Update - May 2021

This paper has been replaced by Big Bend Baryta 310

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San Gabriel Baryta SemiGloss 2.0® Details & Information


San Gabriel Update - May 2021

This paper has been replaced by Big Bend Baryta 310


Please note - San Gabriel 2.0 in 44" wide rolls are available in limited quantity.


  • Media: 100% alpha-cellulose base stock with pure Baryta whitener layer.
  • Weight: 315gsm
  • Thickness: 12.2mil
  • Coated: Microporous coated one side
  • Color: Slightly neutral white
  • Surface: Satin like texture with medium reflectivity
  • Pigment Ink Users: This media requires Photo Black inks.
  • Archival Characteristics: Acid free, lignin free, buffered with calcium carbonate, FOGRA Certified ISO 9706 (paper aging standards)
Paper Weight Comparison Scale
Compatibility Guide
  • Epson with flat specialty feed: Yes
  • Canon with flat specialty feed: Yes
  • Epson with top feed tray: Yes*
  • Canon with top feed tray: Yes*
  • Epson Artisan 7XX 8XX series: NO
  • HP - Front feed desktop: NO
  • Lexmark: NO
  • Kodak: NO

* If your printer has a specialty media path, we recommend you use it with this paper. If you only have a top paper tray, you can use this product one sheet at a time. Go to for help handling and printing with specialty paper stocks.

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First time Customer

I have been searching for a good paper company ever since Dunder Mifflin went out of business. Your sales associates are much better than Dwight and for this, I am truly thankful.
KG - 10/04/2016
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Bill Frakes
Sports Illustrated photographer
"The quality and versatility of Red River papers allows me to get consistently excellent results quickly and efficiently. With papers like UltraPro Gloss 2.0, they always have exactly the product I need to get the job done."

Reviews for San Gabriel Baryta SemiGloss 2.0®

San Gabriel
Skip Montello
The San Gabriel semi-gloss ink jet paper is by far my favorite go to paper for printing my gallery ready fine art landscapes. The paper weight and image quality are superior to other paper manufacturers.
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The Best Black and White Paper
Donald Hensley
For years I have been trying to find a replacement for black and white darkroom prints but now that I have found San Gabriel I have found my paper! In combination with the Canon Pro 100 printer this paper makes great b&w prints! The supplied printer profile works flawlessly and the customer support is great. Ordering is fast and painless and their shipping is fast, usually taking two days to Florida. Thank You Red River!
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Best paper ever
Mike Cannone
I have been a Red River paper customer for over 7 years and have used several different types of RR paper since then. I switched to San Gabriel Baryta from Ultra Pro Satin. While Ultra Pro is an excellent choice especially for my color prints, I have found that San Gabriel Baryta gives my B&W prints another level of depth. The surface texture and paper thickness is to my liking as well. Very pleased with this paper. My prior use of Ilford paper doesn't come close in my opinion. Never stop selling this paper, Red River, please!
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Elegant, rich paper
I had been hearing nice things about San Gabriel SemiGloss for some time. I was finally nudged into trying it by the recent favorable review @ Luminous Landscape. Now the only question is whether I will simply print everything on San Gabriel. The prospect is tempting, because this paper is exquisite. The only paper I'm familiar with that I find at all comparable is Canson Baryta Photographique. San Gabriel is not only less expensive, but to my eye equals or surpasses the Canson in all the qualities important to a fine print. I particularly love the subtle but clear separation in the mid-tones.
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San Gabriel SemiGloss Fiber Review
Steven Sheloff
This is an excellent paper for use with color and black and white prints. I have been using Canson Baryta Photographique and this paper is as good with better pricing.
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LOVED the previous version
M Moore
The 2.o version is a very different paper from the previous version. Newer one is very slick/glossy without the wonderful tooth of the earlier paper. Also lighter weight and not as warm. The only thing that has been improved is the richness of the blacks, but that's it. The other paper was better on all other counts.
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The only paper I use!
Sally Blottiaux
San Gabriel is amazing! I originally bought it when I was in school a few years ago and I had no idea about the different paper. Now that I know and have tried many other types of paper nothing compares to San Gabriel. The texture is beautiful. I will not buy any other paper!
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San Gabriel #2
James Walker
LOVED the older version of this paper! I'm looking for something else to replace.
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Version 2.0
The paper is nothing like the previous version which is on close out and was an amazing paper for what it was , unique. I like what I am seeing from V2 but it doesn't compare in any way to the original in terms of feel and print qualities ( not quality ). I would also urge Red River to do whatever is necessary to bring back V1.
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