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Greeting Card Setup Mac / Photoshop CS3/CS4 Horizontal Photo Card Part 2

Now that you have a completed greeting card layout in Photoshop, its time to print.

First you must define and save a custom paper size. Red River's greeting card papers are NOT standard sizes, so you will not find them in the list of paper sizes set by your printer manufacturer.

Go to the File menu and select Print

Notice the excessive white space around the layout. This is because we have not defined a custom paper size.

Make sure the Center Image checkbox is checked in the Position area near the top of the dialog box.

Check to see that Scale is set to 100% and do not check the Scale to Fit Media box.

Click Page Setup

Choose your current printer in the Format for dialog.

In the Paper Size drop down menu choose Manage Custom Sizes

Define a Custom Page Size

Click the + button to begin

Fill in the Paper Size using the chart below

Name the new size

Set margins to a MINIMUM of 0.15" on all sides

Verify the information and click OK

You now have a permanently saved custom paper size that will appear in your list of paper sizes.

Paper SizeHeightWidth

When you click OK from the custom size menu, you will arrive back at the Page Setup dialog box.


  • Printer model
  • Paper size
  • Set orientation to PORTRAIT

Click OK

Back at the Print dialog notice how the preview image now looks correct with no excessive white space or cropping around the image layout.

From here you set any color management preferences then click Print.

You may see this dialog box - click Proceed to begin the printing process.

In the Print dialog set media type, set any color management preferences, and set how many cards you wish to print.

Congratulations! You have set up and printed a Red River Paper greeting cards.

Last updated: February 04, 2020

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