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Greeting Card Setup for Photoshop CS2 CS 7.0 on Windows (Basic)Horizontal Image Card

These instructions are based on using Photoshop CS or 7.0.

There are many ways to set up and print a greeting card using Photoshop. This tutorial offers the basics of how to turn an image into a greeting card using Red River Paper's line of pre-scored inkjet papers.


Start by opening the image you wish to use with your card. Resize the image using the chart below. When you are done with that, move to the next step.

To the right is an image example, opened in Photoshop and resized based on these rules:

Card SizeMax Image Size
7x104.75" h x 6.75" w
6.25x94.25" h x 6" w
5.5x8.54" h x 5.25" w
8x9 Pano8.75" w x 3.75" h


Now, go to the Image menu and select Canvas Size

NOTE! Set your background color to white.

In this step, you will establish a border around your image, making the space the same size as your folded card.

Use this table to set your canvas size:

Card SizeCanvas Size
7x105" h x 7" w
6.25x94.5" h x 6.25" w
5.5x8.54.25" h x 5.5" w
8x9 Pano4" h x 9" w

Click the OK button

Notice how your image now has a white border.


Go back to the Image menu and choose Canvas Size again. Set width and height according to this chart:

Paper SizeNew Canvas Size
7x1010" h x 7" w
6.25x99" h x 6.25" w
5.5x8.58.5" h x 5.5" w
8x9 Pano8" h x 9" w

IMPORTANT! Look at the Anchor boxes right below the canvas size. This tool anchors your current canvas to a particular side of the new canvas. For the vertical card layout, always click the bottom middle box.

Click OK

Your new canvas will look like this:

The screenshot at left now looks like the outside of your card before it is folded.

The blue line is a photoshop guide that shows where the fold will be.

If you wish, you can add text to either side of the card using the text tool. For more detailed customization, see our advanced card tutorial.

Click here for the next step - printing

Last updated: February 04, 2020

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