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96lb. Pecos Gloss Post Cards

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Archive grade inkjet photo paper
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Reviews for 96lb. Pecos Gloss Post Cards

Very thick, therefore comes curled
The paper is just okay. It doesn't seem to take ink super well and prints end up a bit "muddy." My main complaint though is that the pages came quite curled and I can't get them to lay flat even with stacking weight on them for an extended period of time. I understand RRP has to cut the sheets from rolls and it's very thick and stiff, so obviously it won't immediately lay flat. But I hoped they would have done something to get them to lay flat like most of their other paper. The curled paper makes it harder for the printer to print on them, and curled prints feel cheaper to customers. I don't think I'd reorder.
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Post card paper 96lb
Jeanne Martin
Perfect thickness for professional post cards . Does print beautifully on my Epson Artisan 1430 printer, but it needs a little help grabbing it . Slow process as I have to feed one at a time. I am ordering an Epson HD XP 15000 highly recommended for heavy card stock. I will let you know if it’s better
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The Only Greeting Card Stock I Use
Eve Nagode
I prefer the 96lb. Pecos Gloss for all my greeting cards because it has a heavy professional feel. I wish I could get the 50-card box instead of paying more for two 20-card boxes.
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The best thick photo paper
Steven Gliebe
This is the best thick glossy photo paper I can find. I use it just about every day. Highly recommended!
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Absolutely the best
I have found my happy place. The quality of the 96 lb Pecos Gloss has changed my world. I will continue to buy more than 3 boxes!! My notebook covers are top grade now!
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Just what I was looking for
I have been looking for a good stock for printing postcards, and I believe I've found it! I am very happy so far with the 96 lb. Pecos Gloss 4x6. It feels pretty close to a regular commercial postcard; to me they seem a little thinner but they still do the job very well. They certainly are sturdy enough, as another reviewer has said. Have already ordered a second box. Thanks!
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stephen horwitz
Incredible paper! I use it to make books. I bind the pages with a unit from Staples. The heavy paper is perfect for the books.
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Pleased with the results
Maciej J Makowski
I wanted a gloss fold over card and ordered some of the 96lb. Pecos River Gloss. I was quite pleased with the photo prints. I would prefer a lighter stock for the fold over. The stock is great for normal post cards.
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Just the Best!
I use 96lb Peco River Gloss to make postcards. They are as sturdy as the thickest commercially printed postcards you can find in stores or online. The print quality on this cardstock is also excellent. My postcards look truly professional! This cardstock is best for making postcards. Very happy with it.
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