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Aurora Art White 300 Post Cards

Archive grade inkjet photo paper

Reviews for Aurora Art White 300 Post Cards

Great Art Paper
Jay M. Ressler
I love this paper for fine art photography, but I love it even more for producing open edition giclee prints of my oil paintings or my wife's sketches. I've even bonded some of these prints to cradleboard and coated them with cold wax. Stunning and archival. Super value.
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Nice paper and great customer service
I am new to printing. I used the Aurora Art White 300 11x14 sheets with an Epson 9000. My prints turned out beautiful! I went through 30 papers with only a couple having flaws. I do not know what a "normal" amount of imperfections would be, so I cannot deduct stars for that. I do like that they are two-sided. The customer service is terrific as I was unsure what paper I would need. They were very patient and took the time to talk me through my decision-making. I have also viewed photographic work printed on another Red River Paper, and the prints were stunning. I am definitely a Red River fan!
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Great for fine-art photography
John Tunney
I've used other brands in the past, but switched to Aurora Art White several years ago and use it exclusively for the fine-art prints that I exhibit and sell. It's a beautiful paper and great value.
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Superb paper for fine art reproduction
Patricia Getha
I love this paper! The archival properties are perfect for fine are reproduction and just what my clients expect. The color saturation and dynamic range is perfect. Rich blacks for grayscale images are easily achieved. I use with an Epson P900 printer.
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My photographs become works of art
Rae Lawson
I love this paper, it makes me eager to print my images. I have only used it in the smaller sizes, but with a little effort my Tango handles the heavy weight and the results are superb.
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Great all around
Verified Buyer
Absolutely love this paper and service and price. The shipping is fast and reliable even during the hiatus in the last few years. It’s good to know that there are companies like Red River Catalog still out there prioritizing service and quality.
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Aurora Art White 300
Jim Terrinoni
Verified Buyer
Red River Paper Product Review: Aurora Art White 300 This is a paper that I am extremely pleased with. I was using the Aurora Art White 250 and quite please with that, however with the help of Red River Paper’s super support staff I went up to the 300 in order to get a little more paper thickness and avoid curling/bending. The paper is printable both sides and matte finish, which I prefer. I used to use glossy stock to get a little extra detail, with Aurora Art White I can get the detail I prefer out of the matte. I use a MacBook Pro feeding an Epson inkjet printer (with eight cartridges) via wi-fi connection. Also, For Color Profile: I utilize the printer profiles supplied by Red River Paper and feel they make a difference. The type of artwork created is quite realistic and to get some accent colors that pop is important. I have used Red River Paper for 22 years and Epson printers for 27 years. I HIGHLY recommend BOTH Jim Terrinoni, artist/communicator
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4x6 paper review
Dan Hollingsworth
Verified Buyer
I really liked the paper, normally I do not care for matte finishes. This paper was really nice. My only problem is that it would not feed in my Canon IX6820. I had to force feed each print, some prints took 4 to 5 feed attempts. Nothing wrong with paper, printer does not take thickest paper well.
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Aurora White 300.... Great Paper!
Terry Jones
Verified Buyer
I am new at printing, so I have been trying different papers to learn their uses and this was one of my first selections. I've always liked a glossy or at least a satin finish, but never matte. I have since learned to love the fact there are no reflections at all. No matter how many lights you have. I purchased a roll so I can print 13.5" x 25.5" images (Canon Pro-100) and I love the results. I have used the more expensive mattes (Hahnemule and Museo) and they are awesome, but also VERY expensive. The Aurora will not disappoint and is a third the cost. The paper also has a great feel and is easy to remove the curl. I love printing on Aurora.
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