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Aurora Art White 300 Post Cards

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Archive grade inkjet photo paper
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Reviews for Aurora Art White 300 Post Cards

More Problematic Changes To A Formerly Great Product
Ryan Simpson
I'm not sure why you keep altering this paper. It keeps getting worse from a performance and practicality perspective. Perhaps it works fine in a roll feed setting but in a sheet load setting it is becoming more and more unusable. The first time you changed it some 5-6 years ago, there was a massive increase in the amount of fine dust residue which causes slippage issues in the feeding process. I consisntatly have issues on both Epson and Canon Wide Format printers using this paper. The rubber rollers have trouble gripping the slick and dusty surface paper and the dust also then coats the rollers the more you print. This leads to having to constantly run cleaning cycles for the rollers just in order to use the paper. Now at some point in the last year or two now you've increased the weight to 300 gsm and discontinued the 285 gsm option. This is a virtually negligible weight increase from an aesthetic point of view. Virtually no person in the market to buy a print or produce a print will care about this weight difference, I highly doubt very many will even be able to notice the difference unless you very specifically point it out to them while showing them both weights at the same time. I can't imagine you had a lot of customers calling for this change. The problem is slight weight increase actually causes further and worse performance and practicality issues when actually trying to sheet feed print with this paper. The weight becomes an issue for auto sheet feeding, and it also becomes an issue with paper abrasion leaving ink streaks on every few prints increasing wastage. I wish you would consult actual long time high volume customers before making changes like this. It would seem you should even test the papers yourselves in actual usage scenarios before making changes.
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Love this paper for Art Prints !
Cynthia Blair
I use Aurora Art White 300 in my Epson SC P900 - using the front feed for thick art papers - and the results are beautiful, crisp, consistent colors every time. The surface texture is just right, and I love that I can print both sides. I have used a roller-applied print varnish (Breathing Color's Glamour 2) both on the top of prints and as a mounting adhesive, as I wanted UV and surface protection without framing under glass. Aurora Art White 300 has stood up to the challenge perfectly.
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A wonderful paper on the Canon iX6820 printer
Steve Kobb
Before ordering for the first time, I had a concern that the Aurora Art White 300 might not go through my Canon iX6820 printer. I'm very happy to report that this machine had no problem with the paper. And what images! Just fabulous. I'm a happy camper and recommend the paper to you -- especially if you have this particular Canon model.
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Favorite paper for my cards
Laura Nikiel
Simply said, this paper is gorgeous. I love how the colors print onto the surface, I use a Canon Pixma Pro 100. I started using this paper for my watercolor cards, because it is very difficult to find a paper that will represent the watercolor washes. Now I use this paper for both my watercolor and flat color Procreate illustrations. And, this paper is perfect for printing my coloring pages and painting them with watercolor after the ink dries. I highly recommend this lovely stock for so many of your creative projects!
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My "go to" Paper
R. Young
Excellent paper. Zero glare, and texture is minimal and so fine details still show clearly without sacrificing the papers "artwork" feel. Its a match made in heaven for my Canon PRO-1000 printer.
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Red River is the perfect answer for your greeting card needs
Craig Wright
I recently decided to offer greeting cards of my artwork on Etsy. Aurora Art White 300 is the perfect solution for high quality greeting cards. High quality card stock paper. Perfect sizing and pre-scored finish - no trimming or awkward folding required. Matching accessories are available if needed (envelopes, boxes). The ordering process is intuitive. Turn around time on orders is quick and predictable. No 'out of stock' issues to deal with. Customer service is outstanding. Red River is now my go-to for all my greeting card needs going forward.
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Love Aurora Art
Aurora Art papers are the best selling papers at our print shop. I love having the same paper in both a natural and whitened version. It makes it easy to do comparisons when deciding the best paper for a particular work.
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Go To Paper for MY PLandscape Photographs
Dan DeGennaro
I am using both Palo Duro Etching 315 and Aurora Art White 300 with my Canon Pro300 pigment ink printer. I've set my computer screen, printer, and inks with an i1Studio by x-rite. I always brush each sheet with an anti-static cleaning brush, and run no more than five prints at once, as the printer gets a bit warm with the thicker paper. The prints come out a perfect match with the colors on my screen. I print, mat, and frame my images for display in my home and have gotten many compliments on the quality of my landscape photos, with a good brightness range. The smooth surface is glare free and invites close-up inspection.
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Perfect balance
Sylvain Despres
I have yet to come across an equivalent to my favourite paper Aurora white 300…. I print approximately 150-200 prints per month and that paper is my go to for consistent results. It strikes the perfect balance between cost and quality!
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