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47lb. Premium Matte Greeting Cards

Archive grade inkjet photo paper This Paper is Acid Free

Reviews for 47lb. Premium Matte Greeting Cards

Long time user for annual Christmas books and cards
Kip B
Verified Buyer
For about the last 40 years I've been making books of family photos to give away at Christmas. Started with film developed and printed on glossy RC paper in the wet darkroom, of course, with pix of the kids for us and grandparents and siblings. Always 8x8 black and white, bound with combs between mat board covers. Switched to digital capture and inkjet printing about 20 years ago. After a couple of years floundering around trying to make good prints using glossy inkjet papers and regular Canon and Epson inks with inexpensive printers (the books from those first digital years are pretty ugly now) I found pigment B&W inks and matte papers. Been using Red River matte papers for about 15 years, initially a 50 or so lb and after that was discontinued, the 47lb. Grandparents have all died, and now it's mostly our kids (and siblings and niece and nephew) getting pictures of their kids. In some years some recipients can receive as many as 200 prints - if you give us a new grandkid you're gonna get a pretty big book. So I need a paper that's reasonably thin but still feels like a photograph, not copy paper with a picture on it. It also needs to be affordable, as all books combined usually total 800-1000 prints. The lighter Red River Matte papers have been perfect for this purpose. I stock up for "this season's" books before my wife and I actually finalize who is getting what (all books have different content) and so don't have a perfect count of what will be needed. But Red River shipping is so fast that I just make a best guess, and order a couple hundred more sheets in the middle of the project if it looks like I'll need it. This paper also is perfect for our 5x7 Christmas cards. We put a description of what our kids are doing on the back of the card, using a word processing document printed with a fast desktop inkjet, and it comes out great on the non-photo but still printable surface.
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47lb Premium Matte
Peter Kowler
Verified Buyer
As stated in the description has a smooth, bright white finish that produces brilliant colors and sharp details from any inkjet printer. For this holiday season, my card to close friends is a book of my B&W photographs. I needed a paper that was sturdy but not too thick so I could have 10 pages plus cover to bind with a heavy-duty stapler. I purchased multiple sizes from 4x6 to 8.5x11 to build prototypes to decide which size I would send. I chose the 4x6 for the production version to fit in an appropriate envelope and have an affordable postage cost. To say the least the paper is consistent and has worked out GREAT!
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A Fine Environmental Choice
Mitch Lambdin
Verified Buyer
I originally purchased this paper hoping to use it for patterns for Stained Glass. Often, a glass artist will print their patterns on plain paper, cut them, and glue them to the glass before cutting, to act as a guide. This paper is a little too fine for that purpose, however as the water used when grinding the glass makes the paper fall apart too soon. That said, I find this paper to be wonderful for all other printing purposes, and a wonderfully environmental choice. At 47lbs it is basically a lightweight-heavyweight paper. It is heavier than plain paper, but not as heavy as typical matte paper. That difference saves space, and materials, as fewer materials are needed to create the paper. It is heavy enough for fine crisp printing, and suitable for framing, ironing to display board, etc. It is a wonderful paper. As the famous line from “Back to the Future” goes, “You are my density!”.
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Great paper for photo printing
Bruce S.
Verified Buyer
I use this paper for printing my own art photos and my partner's paint elevations (used for reference when painting theatrical sets). The images are accurately, clearly, and consistently reproduced.
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A great paper for my application
Charles Reeves, Jr.
Verified Buyer
I've been using this paper for years, initially printing maps. I still do some of that, but now also posters and art prints, first on an Epson 9000, and now a 9800, and a Canon PRO-1000.
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Excellent for toned Black and White images
Verified Buyer
Excellent value for a light-medium weight cardstock. In addition to having great accuracy when printing in color; in side-by-side testing between this paper, 60lb Polar Matte, and Aurora Art White using RR-supplied ICC profiles on a Canon Pro-2100 this paper got the most accurate color tones in slightly-toned grayscale photos we tested. (Using a colorimeter to compare LAB values)
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47lb. Premium Matte
Bree Gurin
Verified Buyer
This is beautiful paper and works perfectly for my greeting cards. Equally as wonderful is the customer service at Red River. My printer was incapable of working with my initial purchase and while customer service did their best to help me, they couldn't identify the problem. At this point, the President of the company took over. He was able to find a solution for me and because of his willingness to step in with determination to ensure my satisfaction, and the amazing quality of their products, Red River Paper has my forever loyalty!
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Great Papers
Patricia Richardson
Verified Buyer
I love using the 47# and 60# Premium Matte photo paper for my art. I do 5X7 in. alcohol ink pieces on yupo paper. I then scan them in to my computer, crop them to 6X4, print them on your photo paper, and put them on greeting cards. Your paper makes my art come alive!
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47lb premium matte
ricki walker
This is by far the best quality paper I have ever tried. Bright, vibrant, and crisp images every time. This will be my go to paper from now on. Thank You!
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