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47lb. Premium Matte Greeting Cards

Archive grade inkjet photo paper

Reviews for 47lb. Premium Matte Greeting Cards

Beautiful Images and a Great Value
David Van Delinder
I use Red River Premium Matte paper for open-edition prints of my paintings and drawings. I am a seasoned graphic designer and fine artist and recognize fine imaging quality. The color fidelity, greyscale tonality and velvety blacks of this paper are superb. I print my affordable editions on a Canon Pixma Pro 100 from Photoshop with this paper. The color accuracy is virtually perfect. I highly recommend this media for high-quality economical prints. Red River is a delightful supplier. Their knowledge, product selection and service are unparalleled.
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Perfect for my needs
Susan Guadagno
I use this versatile paper in several different ways. I do volume work for a small museum and they really appreciate my pricing, the quality of my products, and the quick turn around time for orders. Thank you Red River!
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Great quality paper, excellent prints!
Rob Boullion
Excellent prints! Nice finish and faithful reproduction for our customer's CD package artwork, and a good price for the quality. I use the Red River Paper Premium Matte line in nearly all of our CD art productions - 32lb, 37lb, and 47lb, plus 50lb C2S on occasion - mostly for the inside tray cards, depending on package options. The choice of weight is based on color saturation of the customer's artwork: don't expect 32lb paper to handle heavy ink use without some warping, just get the thicker paper. No problems with the 47lb or the 50lb, and they still crease and fold well if you use the appropriate grain direction.
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Wildlife Artist
John McDonald, Jr.
I use the 47lb. Red River Premium Matte to make contact sheets, and to print photographs used in composition of future art works. The weight is just right and the prints also give excellent color so I do not have to print on other papers. I use a fair amount of this paper on an annual basis. A great paper that I will continue to use!!!
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Just what I needed!
Antoinette Ledzian
For years I've created my own greeting cards, trying various photo papers from Red River. Although I've always preferred the heavier card weight, my trusty Epson XP-430 workhorse will not accept anything 64lb and over, and my large Canon Pro-10 is not cost effective for printing my 7"x5" images. I referred to my *sample kit* for the best solution, and was thrilled with the amazing quality and weight of the 47lb. Premium Matte. Time for a change, and because I always include my own separate inserts, this was an excellent choice! Even my postage will be lower! I love the soft, velvety effects and, of course, the pre-scoring for a professional, clean fold. As always, the packaging/shipping is first class . . . Thank you again, Red River, for enhancing my photographic process!
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Love this stuff!
Wes Flanary
Verified Buyer
I use it for my limited edition art prints. Looks and feels amazing. The consistency is on point. Works great with my Canon Pixma Pro 100.
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Verified Buyer
This paper is perfect when you need something a little thinner than the 60 lb. Polar.
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Excellent print quality on thinner paper
Verified Buyer
Excellent print quality on thinner paper. I use it for proofs and contact sheets where I don’t have to spend a lot of money for mark-up and decision making, but still want excellent print quality.
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Long time user for annual Christmas books and cards
Kip B
Verified Buyer
For about the last 40 years I've been making books of family photos to give away at Christmas. Started with film developed and printed on glossy RC paper in the wet darkroom, of course, with pix of the kids for us and grandparents and siblings. Always 8x8 black and white, bound with combs between mat board covers. Switched to digital capture and inkjet printing about 20 years ago. After a couple of years floundering around trying to make good prints using glossy inkjet papers and regular Canon and Epson inks with inexpensive printers (the books from those first digital years are pretty ugly now) I found pigment B&W inks and matte papers. Been using Red River matte papers for about 15 years, initially a 50 or so lb and after that was discontinued, the 47lb. Grandparents have all died, and now it's mostly our kids (and siblings and niece and nephew) getting pictures of their kids. In some years some recipients can receive as many as 200 prints - if you give us a new grandkid you're gonna get a pretty big book. So I need a paper that's reasonably thin but still feels like a photograph, not copy paper with a picture on it. It also needs to be affordable, as all books combined usually total 800-1000 prints. The lighter Red River Matte papers have been perfect for this purpose. I stock up for "this season's" books before my wife and I actually finalize who is getting what (all books have different content) and so don't have a perfect count of what will be needed. But Red River shipping is so fast that I just make a best guess, and order a couple hundred more sheets in the middle of the project if it looks like I'll need it. This paper also is perfect for our 5x7 Christmas cards. We put a description of what our kids are doing on the back of the card, using a word processing document printed with a fast desktop inkjet, and it comes out great on the non-photo but still printable surface.
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