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60lb. Polar Matte Double-sided Greeting Card

Archive grade inkjet photo paper
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Reviews for 60lb. Polar Matte Double-sided Greeting Card

Better size
F. D.
I use a finished card size of 4 1/4 by 5 1/4 which is a standard size for note cards. Your size that is closest would have to be trimmed which makes it too costly time wise. The double sided paper prints very well for note cards.
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Your Cost to Print a Card is Misleading
Kate Heyhoe
We started buying the double sided polar matte 60 lb. cards based on your "Cost to Print" a Card" chart - but I just checked it again and it's really misleading. The lowest price per card is now about $0.37 (based on 100 cards) and $0.40 for 50 card order, plus shipping (which via UPS is higher than USPS). Your chart says the cost per card is $0.34, 3-6 cents lower than the actual price you charge. I can understand the estimate for ink costs being a grey area, but this is a hard cost you set. I know it's not much difference per card, but for reselling it adds up, and for a new shopper it's misleading. Please update your chart to reflect your actual prices - or reset the prices of the cards. Also, please consider offering USPS for shipping. It would be a lot more affordable for small but frequent orders like ours. UPS prices are higher. Other than that, we like the quality of the 60 lb. polar matte and your customer service is great.
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double sided matte cards
Nancy Stansbury
I have been using this product and several other photo papers from Red River Paper for years with my Epson 2400 printer. I tried others, but absolutely none of them give me the quality I'm looking for in cards or photographs. My Christmas cards are always commented on.
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Great to print but too thin for greeting cards
Kevin Fontana
Have used this card for years and they print beautifully, but the 60lb. is too thin resulting in cards that feel "cheap" and who's corners curl if left standing on display. As I wrote in its review, I was thrilled to see their 96lb Polar Matte Magna, hoping that they were trending towards thicker cards. Sadly, I found the inside of that card printed poorly compared to this one. Now I see that it's been replaced by a thinner stock altogether, when I was hoping for a 96lb. Magna DUO! Please Red River, give those of us looking for thicker cards some options ... throw us a bone!
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Jude Lobe
I love Red River Paper. Premium Polar Matte one of my favorites, but I've got to look elsewhere for a comparable paper. The shipping is ridiculously high. For a pack of 50 sheets of 7X10 cards it's $10.00! Come on, Red River. Really. You could send it priority mail for $4.00. Give me a break.
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Superb Paper
Linda R.
I printed my holiday and thank you cards this year on the Polar Matte paper and received many, many compliments about the cards. Several people thought the cards were professionally produced, since the paper is so professional in appearance and weight. I printed on an HP 6500 all-in-one and got very good results by following Red River's careful directions. I used both Illustrator and Photoshop CS5 to produce the cards. I have taken advanced Photoshop classes at a college level and do a lot of printing, so I am particular about my results. Polar Matte has wonderful weight and feel and details reproduce well on it. It dries very quickly and smear-free on both sides. The scoring is superb and produces a clean, perfect fold every time. I used the white Red River envelopes for my cards and was satisfied with the results on those, too.
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best cards ever...
the 60 lb. polar matte double sided cards are simply the best cards ever! i use them for holiday cards, wedding save the dates, thank you cards... you name it! They take ink incredibly well, and the colors just pop off the the vibrant white paper. They're always "in stock" in my studio office!
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Professional and beautiful
Brigitte Kiba
I only use Red River for my cards, they sell like hot cakes and people are very happy with the quality of paper and color. As a photographer I am constantly surprised how great my photos come out in print! I can only recommend Red River for all print paper.
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Good Looking Xmas Cards
Bruce Clarkson
I used the 7x10 stock for 2009 Xmas cards. They looked great. We got lots of complements. Some issues feeding through an Epson R800 printer but with a little effort, it all worked well.
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Polar Matte

I can;t say One bad word about it The color of my cards got more compliments. It sure is worth the price., I would not use any other paper for my cards.
- 11/05/2009

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Professional Profile:
John Conn
Free-lance professional photographer
"I look for a luster surface for my B&W images, but the paper must also take well to a sepia tone with the warmer whites that I prefer, holding strong. Red River Arctic Polar Satin prints that I output on my Epson Stylus Pro 3800 printer give that edge to my work."