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96lb. Pecos Gloss Greeting Cards

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Archive grade inkjet photo paper

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OK for a while
michael earussi
Verified Buyer
It looks really good initially, but over time the paper tends to pick up humidity and curl. Best to store it in a plastic bag with dehumidifier gels inside if you're not selling or giving away the cards right away.
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Greeting Card Stock
Verified Buyer
Love this paper! I'll be using it for greeting cards. I'm so glad I found a glossy stock with a writeable inside. I tried scoring the glossy side of the paper with a blade before folding it, and it folded super cleanly.
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Very nice post card paper!
Larry B
Finally a glossy cardstock paper! This is wonderful and I have been waiting for a long time for this. But they really do mean feed ONE SHEET AT AT TIME! I forgot and it grabbed 3 and made a big mess. The writable surface on the back tends to stick to the coating of the next paper. The back side is very writable, but fountain pen inks may feather. As for the print, like everyone else is saying the quality is great! At first I thought I had the curl issue as well, but after letting the ink dry the print flattened out completely after about 10 minutes. This is on an Epson P600 using pigment ink.
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This is my go-to paper for greeting cards
Robert Cote
Yes - as another reviewer stated, it tends to curl, and then ink blotches show up on the print edges output from my Canon Pro-100. It was very annoying until I figured out what was happening and reverse-rolled the paper to flatten it before printing.
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Curling post cards
Ron Arnold
I use your 4x6 #8457 Pecos River post card stock which tends to curl. I have a front loading Epson printer.
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Framable cards
Kat Kurkov
I've used Pecos Gloss Manga several times now for postcards. What I didn't expect is to be able to print thank you NOTE CARDS for my clients, which the recipient could cut at the fold and frame! This is fantastic when writing "thank-yous" to family for graduation/Bar Mitzvah i.e. to people who want a keepsake photo. I also enclose a short instruction insert "This is frameable quality photo paper. Please handle with care. Cut at fold and insert into 5x7 mat or frame... etc." Excellent quality and customer response.
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Love it
Florence Bresnahan
This paper works perfectly with my ink jet printer and makes wonderful postcards. They look professional!
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Exactly what I was looking for...
Spencer Pullen
Having been in commercial printing for 20 years, I knew what I wanted out of a certain paper. I wanted to make greeting cards, however my 44" Epson will only take a 8.5x11 sheet as the smallest size. Also, I knew I wanted a high gloss on one side and uncoated on the other. Last and not least, it had to be real heavy card stock. I was so glad when I came across this paper. This is exactly what I was looking for. When I was working in print facilities, we used to use a paper called "C1S" or Coated 1 Side. This stuff is even better than that! Also, having worked with heavy paper such as this, we always had to "score" (some call it crease) the paper for the clients. If you don't do this, the paper will crack and not fold cleanly. Other reviews have mentioned this in their reviews. It's not a fault of Red River, it't the nature of how the paper is made. I went to Amazon and bought a 14" scorer. All of my greeting cards have a beautiful, clean fold line with no issues. I would not recommend this paper if you are going to try and fold it without a scorer, you will not be happy. This is an awesome paper as it makes my photographs look great and everyone really likes the weight of the paper. This also helps get a premium asking price for your work.
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This paper is great
I have used the lighter paper, but I took the big plunge to this paper. I have a Canon Pixma Pro 9000 mark ii and it handles it just fine This paper makes cards that seem like "real" cards. Have not had any fold problems as some have mentioned.
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