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Epson 2200 / Red River Paper Print Life Test Press Release - Red River Paper


Red River Paper Announces Printlife Test Results using the Epson 2200 and Red River Inkjet Papers

Dallas, Texas June 2003 -- Red River Paper recently completed fade tests using their inkjet papers printed on the Epson 2200. The results show that Red River papers offer excellent printlife potential when coupled with the revolutionary Epson UltraChrome ink system.

The Tests

Using an independent lab*, a series of fade tests were conducted using accepted industry standards. Most of the print samples were exposed without glass covering. One sample was tested with glass covering to evaluate the benefits of such protection.

Paper Estimated Print life
(no glass protection)
Red River Estimation of Print life with Glass Protection‡
66lb. Polar Gloss 35 Years 58 Years
66lb. Premium Polar Satin 33 Years See Below
60lb. Polar Matte 48 Years 80 Years
Premium Matte 55+ Years† 80-100 Years
65lb. Polar Art 40 Years 67 Years
Testing with Glass Protection Print life Estimation
66lb. Premium Polar Satin 55+ Years†

** At the end of testing, no observable fade was recorded. A printlife beyond 55 years is very possible.
‡ Using a multiple based on the effect of glass on Polar Satin, Red River has estimated the effect of glass print protection on the other papers in this test.

It is important to note that almost all major manufacturers use glass protected prints in their published fade test results. Red River Paper feels that printlife tests without glass present a helpful “worst case” scenario to illustrate how a print will react if left out in the open. Professional photographers often encounter such a situations when their clients do not display their prints in optimal conditions. Red River found that glass protection generally offers a 60-70% increase in potential printlife.


Red River Paper feels that the test results will enable Epson 2200 users to confidently predict printlife when using Red River papers. It is important to note that individual results may vary due to environment factors such as light, humidity and air pollution where the print is displayed. Using glass, plastic covering or an album is generally the best way to increase printlife for all types of inkjet images. Depending on the need, Epson 2200 prints on Red River paper can fulfill printlife expectations for many professional and prosumer users.

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Red River Paper Company Information

Red River Paper is a wholesale direct seller and manufacturer of inkjet paper and related digital printing products. They are based in Dallas, Texas and offer a wide range of papers from top mills around the world. Red River has over 40 years experience in fine papers and brings that expertise to the inkjet industry.

* Red River Paper uses the Rochester Institute of Technology Image Permanence Institute for all inkjet fade testing.

Red River Paper, Polar and Premium Matte are copyright of Red River Paper. Epson and UltraChrome are trademarks of Epson Inc.

Contact Information:
Drew Hendrix
Vice President
Red River Paper
8400 Directors Row
Dallas, TX 75247
[email protected]

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