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GreenPix Recycled Press Release


High-tech Paper Manufacturing And Inkjet Coating Technology Combine To Create A “Clean” Paper Ideal For High-quality Photos And Greeting Cards

Dallas, Texas, March 28, 2007

Red River Paper introduces GreenPix™ Photo Inkjet Matte - the worlds first and only photo weight inkjet paper made of 100% post-consumer recycled content. GreenPix™ is coated on one side with an inkjet receptive layer that helps trap inkjet ink for sharp detail and brilliant color. Going against industry norms, Red River Paper’s use of 100% post-consumer material for a photo inkjet paper is a first. Traditionally, recycled paper looked "dirty" with flecks of material visible on the surface. Red River Paper choose the GreenPix™ base stock because thanks to new technology, this paper has a bright white color and clean appearance similar to non-recycled products. GreenPix™ base paper is made in a chlorine free process and carries the approval of the Forest Stewardship Council™.

History of GreenPix™

In an effort to break new ground in the inkjet market, Red River Paper decided to produce a paper that was not simply recycled, but one that offered the most environmentally friendly solution. In addition, it had to be suitable for use by professional photographers, businesses, and home users for photo weight prints. GreenPix™ combines high tech paper manufacturing and inkjet coating technology to offer a one of a kind product. For those looking for environmentally conscious inkjet media, GreenPix™ is a great choice.

Uses for GreenPix™

Photo Printing
The environmentally conscious photographer or photo enthusiast no longer needs to sacrifice quality for recycled content print media. GreenPix™ reproduces great photo quality on virtually any Epson™, Canon™, or HP™ inkjet printer. GreenPix™ looks like a typical photo matte paper with a non-glossy surface.

Custom Greeting Cards
With the expansion of inkjet printers into the consumer market, more and more custom greeting cards are being printed at home. GreenPix affords home users the opportunity to print holiday "eco-cards" on 100% post-consumer stock. The increasing trend toward environmental awareness on the part of consumers will continue to drive demand for GreenPix and Red River Paper’s related 100% recycled content envelopes.

Business Material
For companies that need photographic quality inkjet paper and that need to meet environmental compliance policy, GreenPix is the answer. In terms of media that is available to reproduce photo quality with a sturdy photo weight, GreenPix is as “green” as one will find in the market today. Sizes from 4”x6” up to large 17”x22” sheets meet the needs of many businesses such as professional photographers, graphic designers, and realtors.

About Red River Paper

Red River Paper is a paper converter and direct seller of inkjet paper and related digital printing products. They are based in Dallas, Texas and offer a wide range of papers from top mills around the world. Red River Paper has over 40 years experience in fine papers and brings that expertise to the inkjet industry. 2007 is Red River Paper’s 10th anniversary.

For additional information send an e-mail to [email protected]. Photography is available at (214)637-0029.

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