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How to Print Borderless on Epson Canon HP Inkjet Printers

Learn how to print borderless without borders on Epson Canon HP inkjet printers

Chances are your inkjet printer can print images with no border around the edges - just like a photo lab. Finding the right borderless size paper in the right surface at the right price can be difficult. Red River Paper has the largest assortment of photo paper and fine art papers that are popular for borderless printing projects. As a bonus, we're here to provide you with free technical support and tips to get the best results when you make a print.

Here's a list of sheet sizes that your printer might be able to print borderless (Select to shop for that size.)

Some special notes about borderless printing:

  • Make sure your images are the size or slightly smaller than your paper
  • Not all sheet sizes can be printed borderless - The options are set by your printer maker at the factory.
  • As a rule, a custom size you define cannot be borderless printed.
  • In limited cases on limited Epson models, you can set custom sizes that you create to print borderless.
  • Check your printer specs before ordering stock.

Windows printer property examples

Go to Mac Examples


Page Setup Tab > Page Layout = Borderless


Epson has a different driver interfaces. Below are examples of two you are likely to see.  If you do not see your exact driver type below do not panic. Carefully inspect the Main and Page Layout or More Options tab for the borderless printing check box.  

Example #1

Example #2


HP Borderless

Borderless printing using a Mac

Mac paper size options are located in the Print dialog.  As a rule, you can launch the Print dialog by clicking on the Print Settings button in your editing app. Here's an example:

The Print dialog will appear.  Locate and click on the Paper Size dropdown.

On the "Paper Size" drop down, and you will be presented with a listing of all preset sizes available for your printer.

As you can see below, there is a secondary menu that allows you to choose the Sheet Feeder - Borderless option for any sizes where that feature is available.

Recall that not every size will be available as a borderless option.  The available sizes are set at the factory.

Learn More - Custom Borderless Sizes on Select Epson Printers


Borderless Printing in Lightroom

Borderless Expansion Controls

Last updated: August 09, 2023