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Paper Weight for Business Cards

business card paper

Despite the trend towards digital, business cards remain a vital component of marketing and networking. Affordable, reliable, and always at the ready to share with a prospect when out and about, business cards are a fantastic way to connect with prospects and current clients alike.

They also serve as an incredible referral source that your current customers can hand out to friends, colleagues, and family.

But purchasing business card paper can be a challenge. Apart from design and font, paperweight remains one of the most impactful elements. Yet, many customers don’t fully understand business card paperweights, or which is ideal for their brand/company.

In this guide we pull back the curtain on an otherwise misunderstood aspect of print, helping you gain a better understanding of what business card paper it will weight is, how it can impact your brand’s perception, and which paperweights are best for business cards.

What is Business Card Paper Weight?

Paper weight, in simple terms, is the basic way to understand a paper’s feel and suitability for a project.  You can use paper weight as a proxy for sturdiness, thickness, and weight. As a rule, the higher the number, the thicker and sturdier the card. 

Why is the Right Paper Weight for Business Cards Important?

The paper weight of a card may very well be the first impression a prospective customer has of your brand. Even if its not, the quality of a card can have a lasting impact on how your company or brand is perceived.

Flimsy cards can be considered unprofessional, indicating that your company was unwilling to invest into their own success. Thin and lightweight cards are taken less seriously and are also prone to damage from use and storage. A thick, sturdy card exudes professionalism, quality, and is much more likely to stand out and be saved for future use.

If eye-catching and memorable are the goals, follow the tips below to get it right.

Business Card Paper Weight

Tips for Choosing the Right Paperweight for Your Business Cards:

  • Want the ability to write on the card? Matte or dull surface papers work best.
  • Want your card to have a soft or interesting feel in hand? Consider a textured surface paper such as linen or etching.
  • Don’t go too cheap. Your business card is one area where pinching pennies is not advisable. 

Paper Weight Recommendations for Your Postcards:

There are several ways to measure paper weight. As we said above, you can usually use weight as a proxy for how thick and sturdy a paper will be.

Below are paper weight ranges we recommend for business card printing:

Bond Weight Cover Weight GSM Weight

68lb. - 96lb. 90lb. – 130lb. 260gsm – 330gsm

For more information, check out this article on paper weight

Final Thoughts on Paper Weight for Business Cards

Business cards are a direct reflection of your brand, mission, and values, as well as the perception of quality your company exudes. The right card represents a high-value, low-cost opportunity to impress prospective customers, earn more business, and generate more referrals.

Have questions about what options are best for your brand? Let us know how we can help.

Last updated: November 08, 2023