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Paper Weight for Postcards

Often overlooked and underutilized, postcards present unique opportunities for businesses and brands to launch affordable, targeted, effective, and measurable marketing campaigns that get results.

Versatile, easy to schedule and scale, cost-effective, and with a high readership rate, postcards can help you accelerate your brand, drive sales, boost awareness and establish local dominance.

However, many businesses and brands are unfamiliar with what paper weight is advisable for postcard paper. In this guide, we cut through the noise to provide you with a better understanding of the best paper weight for postcards, and how to make sure your next postcard campaign is as impactful as your company is.

What is Postcard Paper Weight?

Paper weight, in simple terms, is the basic way to understand a paper’s feel and suitability for a project.  You can use paper weight as a proxy for sturdiness, thickness, and weight. As a rule, the higher the number, the thicker and sturdier the card. 

Postcard Paper Weight

Tips for Choosing the Right Paper for Your Postcards:

  • The get the USPS postcard mailing rate, the card must be at least 3.5” x 5” and no larger than 4.25” x 6”. 
  • The US Post Office does not have paper weight rules, but they do have paper thickness requirements.  So be sure to look at the thickness of any paper you want to use for postcards.  It must be at least 7mil and no more than 16mil thick.  
  • Glossy papers offer better scratch resistance than matte (dull) papers.

Paper Weight Recommendations for Your Postcards

There are several ways to measure paper weight. As we said above, you can usually use weight as a proxy for how thick and sturdy a paper will be.

Below are paper weight ranges we recommend for postcard printing:

Bond Weight Cover Weight GSM Weight

47lb. - 96lb. 65lb. – 130lb. 180gsm – 330gsm

Final Thoughts on Postcard Paper Weight

You invest a lot of time, energy and resources into each of your campaigns, don’t let the wrong choice in paperweight lower your chances of success and reduce ROI. The right paperweight can help you choose the best type of paper for your postcards and help it stand out among a sea of competition, earning your company greater visibility, higher readership, and ultimately more sales.

Need help deciding which paperweight is right for your next production run? Let us know, we’d love to help you find the perfect match for your budget and goals.

Last updated: April 30, 2024