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Fade Resistance for Epson 1270 and Epson 2000p Printers


Epson 1270
Epson 2000P
68lb. UltraPro Gloss 2.0 4 36+
64lb. Aurora Art** 3 36+
62lb. UltraPro Satin 4 36+
53lb. Premium Gloss 3 -
55lb. Frio Gloss 2 -
47lb. Premium Matte 6 36+
45lb. Zeppelin Gloss C2S 5 -


Testing techniques included exposing a printed target to a light source without the benefit of glass or other type of protective filter for a period of 60 days.

The moment at which any color in the individual test target loses 30% of its original value is the decided endpoint of the test indicated in years. These results are not guaranteed by Red River Paper as varying conditions, exposure to different light sources, and other factors can alter your results. They should be viewed as a guide and "best guess" for image longevity. Certainly, additional protective measures such as sleeves, glass frames, and protective sprays can extend image life.

The best news is that all 6 of our recommended papers for the Epson 2000P using Epson's pigmented ink system seem to deliver the promised long life many professionals and amateurs seek. Every one of the 6 scored 36+ years (test limit). It is our belief that these papers with this system could last additional decades, maybe even the 200 years as claimed by Epson on some of its media.


If longevity is the driving issue for your printing needs, pigment ink is the best route.

The 1280 (1270) are still outstanding photo printers giving great color and for many, certainly acceptable print duration.




*All tests conducted at the Image Permanence Institute of the Rochester Institute of Technology

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