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Red River Paper - Certifications and Sustainability

Red River Paper sells photographic and art quality inkjet paper. In other words, we provide the absolute best quality papers on the market. This limits our ability to use recycled or mixed paper pulp.  However, all of the wood pulp we use comes from managed forests. 

Are Your Papers Sustainable?

A better question is, does the wood pulp come from a renewable source? Yes. 
In some cases, it comes from tree farms. In other cases, the wood is harvested during regular forest management work. 

Are Cotton Papers Sustainable? Recycled?

RRP cotton paper is made from cotton linters. These linters are considered "recovered fibers" by the EPA. By using linters, cotton paper is putting to use what would have become waste. Red River Paper does not sell cotton paper whose base material is recycled cotton paper - only linters.

Do You Certify Your Papers?

We are not able to certify our papers specifically. Certifications, such as FSC and PEFC, are awarded to companies that own/manage forests and to paper mills. These certifications involve a documented "chain of custody," which is a key part of their process. That chain stops at the mill. 

What Does That Mean?

It means that all of our wood-based papers are made from managed forest - certified - material. Because of the rules set up by the certifying organizations, we cannot display the certification logos on our website.

Are Any Of Your Papers Made From Recycled Material?

No. There are no recycled content inkjet photo/art papers on the market today.  This is not to be confused with paper made from exotic materials like bamboo and sugar cane.  They are  non-standard paper and not recycled.

Last updated: September 21, 2021