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The Four Inkjet Ink Technologies

Aqueous Inks

Red River Paper media are coated specifically for aqueous ink

Most Red River Paper customers use Epson, Canon, or HP printers that use aqueous inks. It is the primary technology of the consumer and fine photo/art markets.

Solvent / Eco-Solvent

Red River Paper media are not compatible with eco-solvent inks

Eco-solvent printers are widely deployed across the commercial printing industry. Most posters, signage, and banners at malls or retail stores are probably printed with eco-solvent inks, the require media with coating specific to solvent chemistry.


Red River Paper media are not compatible with latex inks

Latex printers are, like solvent, primarily found in commercial print operations.  Latex inks are used with the same media that works for solvent inks. They are popular because they have low-VOC emissions compared to solvent and are cured and ready for use as soon as the print is complete.


Red River Paper are compatible with UV inks

The fact is that UV inks do not require any coating to work on paper, vinyl, plastics, cloth, and more. They are cured with UV light after printing and create prints that can be displayed in just about any environment. UV ink printers are expensive and are found in commercial settings.  Don't expect to see a UV desktop printer anytime soon!

Last updated: August 24, 2022