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What is Gloss Differential?

Learn about Gloss Differential on inkjet photo prints

Gloss differential occurs with pigment inks on glossy photo paper, satin inkjet photo paper, or semigloss papers. In highlights or areas of white in a photo, the printer may leave these areas nearly void of any ink. When more dense coverage surrounds these areas, a patch that has much higher reflectivity (and takes on a shimmering look) can be seen on the paper if held at certain angles.

Generally, gloss differential is not a big deal as you have to hold the print at a fairly steep angle to see the effect. In a few cases, though, gloss differential can be detected while looking directly at the print.

Newer pigment ink printers are much less likely to show gloss differential than older-generation machines.

Ways to Reduce or Remove Gloss Differential

You can spray your prints with a high-quality coating such as Premier PrintShield, which will substantially reduce or even eliminate gloss differential.

Last updated: February 08, 2024