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Why No Satin or Luster Greeting Cards?

We get asked this question enough, it made sense to write an article about it.

Let's start with what paper makes a good greeting card:

  • High quality inkjet coating on one or both sides - single vs. double-sided
  • If single sided, the back of the paper has to be plain - able to accept text or light graphics
  • Able to be scored and folded without excessive cracking

Now let's look at why satin and luster papers are typically not available in greeting cards:

  • Satin and luster papers are almost always RC papers
  • RC papers do not score easily
  • When folded, RC papers can crack
  • Single-sided RC papers cannot be printed on the back side!

What does that leave us?

  • Greeting cards are almost never RC paper
  • Card stock that works must fold easily
  • Card stock must be double-sided or have a plain paper back for the inside of the card

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Last updated: January 03, 2023