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Color ICC printer profiles for the Epson Pro 3800

Color Profiles for Epson Pro 3800

Download free printer color ICC profiles for the Epson Pro 3800 for Red River Paper brand inkjet papers. Red River Paper offers the finest inkjet media in the sizes you need. Sourced from the best mills and coaters, Red River Paper offers you the same quality or better than the big name brands.

Each link will download a zipped file with the profile and instructions file.

Red River Paper fully supports the Epson Pro 3800 with profiles and a full range of photo & fine art inkjet papers.

Download All Epson 3800 Profiles (15mb file)

We also have Profiles for Advanced Black & White

Photo Papers

Other Photo Papers

Matte Papers

Fine Photographic Art Papers

Aurora Art Note: We suggest you also try the Epson Ultrasmooth Fine Art when printing on Aurora Art white or natural. The Epson profile produces a robust color gamut and dark blacks.

Discontinued Papers

Advanced Black & White Profiles

NOTE - ABW profiles cannot be used with Mac OSX beyond version 10.8.

Eric Chan (website) has produced a series of profiles for the Advanced B&W driver for the 3800. Links to the profiles for Red River Paper are below as well as starter instructions.

Profiles and Recommended Driver Settings

  • When using the provided profiles, be sure to use the Media Type and Tone settings listed below.
  • Use the Perceptual rendering intent (black point compensation doesn't matter).
  • Set the print quality to 1440 dpi for matte papers, 2880 dpi for photo papers.
  • Set the Platen Gap to Wide for all papers, except for Enhanced Matte (in which case use Auto).
  • Set the Paper Thickness According to the Thickness Listed in the Paper Specifications.
  • Disable (uncheck) High Speed, Finest Detail, and Edge Smoothing for all papers.
  • Leave all other driver settings (e.g., color density, drying time, paper feed adjustment, etc.) at their default values.
  • For more info, Start at Eric's Website
Paper Profile Link Media Setting ABW Tone Setting
Red River Arctic Polar Luster 3800 RRAPL ABW 2880.icc PLPP Dark
Red River Arctic Polar Satin 3800 RRAPS ABW 2880.icc PLPP Dark
Red River Aurora Art Natural 3800 RRAN ABW 1440.icc EEM Normal
Red River Aurora Art White 3800 RRAW ABW 1440.icc USFA Normal
Red River Dourian Art 3800 RRDA ABW 1440.icc USFA Normal
Red River Premium Matte 2.0 3800 RRPM20 ABW 1440.icc USFA Normal
Red River UltraPro Gloss 2.0 3800 RRUPG ABW 2880.icc PGPP Dark
Red River UltraPro Satin 2.0 3800 RRUPS ABW 2880.icc PLPP Dark
Harman FB AI Glossy

3800 HMGLFBAI ABW 2880.icc