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Red River Paper Printer Color Profile FAQ

Profiles are pieces of software code that command the color management of your inkjet printer for a very specific combination of paper, ink, printer and settings. Color profiles do the work of describing the way your printer should represent color for the specific combination mentioned above.

ICC profiles are universal files. They work for any software that is "ICC Aware" such as Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Lightroom, Aperture, Qimage, and a few others.

Our profile provider, Chromix, runs the ColorWiki knowledge-base. It includes many articles, links, and download files.

Our profile provider, Chromix, runs the ColorWiki knowledge-base. It includes many articles, links, and download files.

Yes. Red River offers these profiles to you at no charge. You may distribute them freely.

Red River Paper does not offer technical support for our color profiles beyond the documents and links on our website. Color management and profile usage can be complex if you are unfamiliar with Photoshop or cannot take time to read available documentation. Red River expertise is in paper and we offer profiles as a courtesy to our clients.

Yes. How to install them on both systems is here

Each profile ZIP file comes with a PDF file that describe how to set your printer when using our profiles. You must follow the included instructions completely to see optimal print results.

The media selection (paper selection) is a fixed list that only contains the names of papers made by the printer manufacturer. Usually, you will choose media selection that is close to the inkjet paper you’re using. For example, Red River’s UltraPro Satin uses the Epson Premium Luster or Canon Photo Paper Plus Semi gloss setting. We provide the recommended media settings with each profile download in the instructions file.

It depends. Some printers like the Epson 890 use the same ink and print head as the Epson 1280. Therefore, you can probably use the 1280 profiles with the 890. We will provide a full list of compatible printers as soon as possible. You can always download and try our profiles. Your printer cannot be damaged if you use an incompatible profile.

Can I use my printer's installed profiles for your paper?

Some customers find that print quality on Red River Paper with Epson printer profiles is acceptable. Canon profiles are unfortunately not as forgiving and should not be used when printing on Red River papers. Click here for more information.