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Software for Digital Scrapbooking

The right software will determine how much fun you will have with digital scrapbooking. Programs vary by capability and learning curve.

As experts in photography, design, and inkjet printing we say this: Take the TIME to LEARN software and you will be much happier in the long run.

Top Choice - Photoshop Elements

Elements is perhaps the most powerful photo editing and layout program you can buy. Your choices for layout look, feel, and size is virtually unlimited. The catch is that Photoshop does not come with ready made backgrounds or decorative elements. The good news is that you can download free kits, background, and elements on the web!

More recommendations coming soon.

Paper Order

The paper was great, however due to living in Canada it cost me 3 times the price of what the paper was worth. Shipping and handling, cross boarder fees and money exchange rate cost me $130 Dollars for 100 sheets of photo paper. Again the product is great and what I needed.
William Mitchell - 11/07/2016
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