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Scrapbookers Inkjet Sample Kit

Red River has the best papers for your Hybrid and Digital scrapbooking needs. Plus, Red River has the best selection of papers for photo and note card printing.

NOTE: The 12x12 sheets are labeled on the bottom right print side for easy identification.

It includes samples of our 12x12 papers.

  • 68lb UltraPro Satin
  • Paper Canvas 230
  • 60lb River Linen
  • 60lb Polar Matte
  • 60lb Polar Matte Double-sided
  • 88lb Polar Matte
  • Aurora Art Natural 300
  • 68lb UltraPro Gloss
  • Polar Gloss Metallic 255

All sample sheets are labeled on the lower right (print side) for easy identification. This leaves room for a full 11x11 print.

(Read Why We Do Label Our Samples )

Scrapbookers Inkjet Sample Kit
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