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Super-Simple Card Setup / Photoshop Elements / Windows / Horizontal

Photoshop Elements / Windows » Super-Simple Horizontal Image Layout

If you are looking for the simplest way to create a basic note or greeting card in Photoshop Elements, this is the place. You will start with an image, and in a few steps end with a card layout - a photo on the outside front and blank outside back. If you want to create a more complex card with multiple images or text go back to the card setup help home.

Get Started - Open Your Image

Open the image you want for the outside front of your card. For this tutorial, you will need to choose an image in the horizontal (landscape) orientation.

STEP 1 - Image Size Rules

Refer to the table below for the maximum size you can make your image by card size. Make your photos this size or smaller using the crop tool or image resize feature.

Card Size Max Image Width Max Image Height
7 x 10 (A7) 6.75" 4.75"
6.25 x 9 (A6) 6" 4.25"
5.5 x 8.5 (A2) 5.25" 4"
5.25 x 5.25 (Square) 5" 5"
8 x 9 Pano 8.75" 3.75"

Once you resize your image you are ready for the next steps.

STEP 2 - Create Card Layout

You will now create the card layout using the Canvas Size feature in Photoshop Elements.

STEP 2a - Front Panel

From the top menu, choose Image > Resize > Canvas Size.

The Canvas Size dialog will appear showing the current image size as the canvas size.

Resize the canvas based on the paper size you are using and the table below:

Card Size Set Width To Set Height To
7 x 10 (A7) 7" 5"
6.25 x 9 (A6) 6.25" 4.5"
5.5 x 8.5 (A2) 5.5" 4.25"
5.25 x 5.25 (Square) 5.25" 5.25"
8 x 9 Pano 9" 4"

This is an example - use the table above for your dimensions.

Once you enter the width and height using the table above, click OK.

You will notice the image now has a white border on all four sides.

STEP 2b - Complete Card Layout

From the top menu, choose Image > Resize > Canvas Size again.

The Canvas Size dialog will appear showing the new canvas size you just created.

This is an example - use the table below for your dimensions.

1. Set the canvas size based on this table:

Card Size Set Width To Set Height To
7 x 10 (A7) 7" 10"
6.25 x 9 (A6) 6.25" 9"
5.5 x 8.5 (A2) 5.5" 8.5"
5.25 x 5.25 (Square) 5.25" 10.5"
8 x 9 Pano 9" 8"


3. Verify the Canvas Extension Color is set to Background (white).

4. Click OK. The canvas updates and you have a completed, ready to print card!

You could take this opportunity to add text with the Text Tool that can go anywhere in the printable margins of your card.

Otherwise, you are ready to start printing.

NEXT STEPS - Printing Setup

Click on your printer model below to see how to set up a custom paper size and your printer driver for card printing:

Have an Epson printer? Click here

Have a Canon printer? Click here

Have an HP printer? Click here

Last updated: August 20, 2020

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