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86lb. Pecos River Gloss Double-sided Post Cards

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Archive grade inkjet photo paper
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Reviews for 86lb. Pecos River Gloss Double-sided Post Cards

STOP LOOKING !! - This is the best greeting card stock you will ever use
Donald Powell - Mind's Eye Photography
Done and Done! 86lb Pecos River Gloss Duo greeting card is everything you ever wanted in a greeting card stock. Thick, sharp and clear print jobs every time. Item: 1253 - 5" X 7" (folded) I only wish you had a discounted, box of 100 - I use it for all occasions. Thank you, Red River, Mind's Eye Photography
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Great paper, but don't try to use it with the Epson ET-8550
On the Red River page for the Epson ET-8550, it says all their papers work with the printer. Well, this one doesn't. It takes extremely careful babying, a light, carefully timed touch, hand-feeding the pages one at a time to get a chance at printing. It takes me anywhere from two to twenty-five (no exaggeration) attempts per page to get it to print on the ET-8550. This, of course, is Epson's problem, not Red River's, but it would be better if the product page warned you this one didn't really work.
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Very excellent quality
Steven Gliebe
Tried this after buying some "5 star" double-sided glossy on Amazon. This paper absolutely blows that stuff away in quality. Perfect for the products I make and the price is fine. Thank you!
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Unparalleled Quality, 2nd to perfect
Zane Morris
I am currently developing my own card game. I needed a thick paper, that is resistant to bending and also boasts great picture quality for my digital art. After searching for months, I found Red River’s paper products. I ordered the “double sided” paper kit - and ultimately the pecos duo was the clear winner. It holds all of the qualities I need for production and even goes above and beyond in some respects. The quality of this paper is so phenomenal, that the two reasons I would EVER switch are: 1: Red River begins to produce a double sided **satin** photo paper with very similar weight and gsm specifications (This would quite literally be the perfect paper for my business). 2: Red River is suddenly attacked by a large dragon and no longer is able to produce paper for me to buy. Closing remarks: This paper only gets 5 stars because 20 stars are not available. The paper has amazing quality, is reasonably priced AND is packaged SO well, even Ace Ventura would struggle to damage your paper during delivery.
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Martin Campbell
I do not buy greeting cards anymore, I make my own, and the gloss double-sided stock is perfect for all the cards I design, whether that be birthday, Christmas or thank-you cards. And as far as I know Red River Paper is the only place they are available - thanks!
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Jim P
Excellent glossy paper with the ability to use both sides. I make aviation information cards with a photo on the front and info on the back. Colors are great and the text comes out very sharp.
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Perfect Double-Sided Photo Print Media
I have used the Pecos River Gloss Duo with a Canon Pro9500 MII for a few years now. Brightness is great - allowing for perfect color photo reproduction. Ink seems to dry fast and there is no problem with smudging after ink is dry. The thickness of the 86 lb paper makes it perfect for covers or for two-sided photo books that require long-term durability. RedRiver packaging is always more than adequate delivering a product without damage every time. All-in-all one of the best, most worry free papers I use. I am a big fan.
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Red River Pecos River Gloss Duo
John D Malinowski
Verified Buyer
The Red River Pecos River Gloss Duo, 86# paper is exactly what I have been looking for. I do not believe anyone else has a paper like this for retail sales. This is a heavyweight paper, glossy on both sides and prints extremely well on my Canon Pro-10. It prints from the auto front AND rear Manual feed tray without any problems. I ordered the 20 sheet pack to try and will soon be ordering the larger quantity pack.
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Verified Buyer
The combination ofI a Canon Pro 100 printer and 86lb Pecos River Gloss Duo greeting cards produces exceptional greeting cards, with accurate colors.
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