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88lb. Polar Matte Greeting Cards

Archive grade inkjet photo paper

Reviews for 88lb. Polar Matte Greeting Cards

Best cards I've used!
Amber Johnson - Spirited Blossom Art
I love this cardstock so much. It's worth every penny. The print quality is simply amazing, and the paper is so thick and sturdy. I love its luxurious smooth matte texture. It prints beautifully with my Canon Pro-200. I've been using the 7"x10" scored sheets to make 5"x7" greeting cards with prints of my original watercolor designs. These cards are such high quality, I really stand behind the products I create using them. I am very proud of the cards I make with this paper, which is not something I can say about other (cheaper) cardstock I've tried. Can't say enough about this paper!
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Perfect for Greeting Cards
Sarah Kiser
I sell my cards on etsy, and this thick photo paper is perfect for printing vibrant illustrations on. The colors look even more vibrant than on screen, and the paper scores and folds well. Paper is super sturdy and provides a professional look.
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Beautiful Print Paper
Quynh-Anh Vu
I have been using Red River for a while now, and I always love all their products. I recently ordered the 88lb. polar matte paper after using the 60lb. polar matte paper for a while. I love the quality of the paper and use it for my art prints, which the paper is always able to bring out beautiful and vibrant colors. I wanted a heavier paper after a while, and the 88lb. polar matte was exactly what I needed! I love the extra weight to it while still maintaining the clean and crisp colors and quality from the 60lb. polar matte!
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Uses outside the box
When our wide format printer went down, I used the 60lb Polar Matte in our laser printer. It was used to make packaging mock-ups in our company's art department. There was a lot of black in the art file and it came out surprisingly well. I purchased the 88lb thinking it would have the same printing quality on our Laser printer, but the thickness would allow us to make more substantial packaging mock ups. The black is very inconsistent, but for a prototype printing on this paper saves us a lot of money for concept work. This paper is designed for inkjet printers and for photographic work, so we are definitely using it outside of its intended use. Just thought I would share the results incase it helps someone else.
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Great paper!
Alexis R.
Purchased for art prints, very nice quality paper and arrived quickly in great condition. I will be ordering from Red River Paper again.
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Rich images on stunning paper
The color photo prints came out so amazingly beautiful that I am ordering more of this paper today. Although not recommended for more than one sheet at a time, I load 5 5x7 sheets at the top with no issues on Pixma Pro 200. Yes, the paper is heavier than most but I love this feature!
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88lb Polar Matte 5x7 Cards
Danielle Reinig
Love the thickness of this paper. We use it for cards/invitations for our Etsy shop. My only wish is that you could get this double sided! We print front and back, so the back doesn’t look as nice as the front.
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Nice Feel
Bruce T.
I have used the 60-lb Polar Matte before and liked the matte finish. The 88-lb Polar Matte finish is the same as the lighter weight paper but has a very nice feel; much more substantial. After first trying the automatic feed tray (top) on my printer, I switched to the manual feed tray (back); does not bend the stiffer paper as much. Either way, the paper lays flat after printing
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Great product
Rebecca E
The paper I used for my clients save the dates printed beautifully on the paper I purchased from Red River. No smudges at all and the ink went on smoothly. My clients also love the smoothness of the paper. I just can't say enough about this paper. The quality is superb. Red River paper is my new favorite and will remain my goto for photo printing needs.
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