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Aurora Art Natural 250 Greeting Cards

museum grade inket photo paper

Reviews for Aurora Art Natural 250 Greeting Cards

Aurora Art Natural greeting card stock
Blair Logue
Verified Buyer
Well, I usually print my cards on 60# Pecos river Gloss. I bought the Aurora Art Natural on a whim to try, because it was on sale. It is a very good paper but I still prefer the Pecos River I will use this paper but won't be buying it again.
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Aurora Art Natural Greeting Cards
Barbara Houghton
Verified Buyer
Printing my holiday cards and note cards is a breeze with this paper. It made them special to all who received them. I have used this paper for years for cards and also the roll or sheet for artwork and artist books.
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Wonderful paper, but not with my Canon PRO-1000
Alan S Kay
Verified Buyer
I love this stock, but I simply can't use it with the PRO-1000. Despite attempts at help from Canon and RR support, I simply could not get it to feed -- even single sheets with hand assistance went less than half the time. So I won't be ordering any more of this -- too bad!
Hello Alan! Thank you for the review! I am not sure if you tried alcohol swabs on the feed roller or printer cleaning sheets, but those may help! We also have an anti-static brush that can remove any dust from cotton papers like Aurora to help it feed (all found on our Accessories page).
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Feeding multiple greeting cards might be a problem
Harry Newell
Verified Buyer
I liked the way my greeting card prints looked on Art Natural 250, but I found that I had to babysit attempts at printing multiple sheets on my Canon pro-100. Even after I carefully cleaned the rollers, my attempts at printing even half a dozen cards unattended failed. I tried both alcohol swabbing the rollers, and Canon's roller cleaning utility without success.
Hello Harry, Thank you for your review! Fine art cotton papers usually require more care (feeding one at a time) and are ideal for limited edition print runs when you want a high end card or print. Our Polar and Premium matte are better if you need archival prints more efficiently at a lower cost.
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Canon Pro 1000-will not feed
Chris Reiss
Verified Buyer
With Canon Pro 1000: too thick to feed in to top tray, too small to feed in to manual tray. Was able to find a work around: create a template on larger paper and stick to template with weak/temporary acid-free adhesive. Paper it's self beautiful, pleasant texture, best price for archival matte paper I've found. Look forward to using more in larger sizes.
Thank you Chris! I would also suggest using the Paper Abrasion setting if you do use the regular top feed tray to avoid scraping (with printer cleaning sheets): Thanks for sharing your workaround!
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Not good for Epson P900
Verified Buyer
The is fantastic-lovely texture and feel and my art reproduces well. My issue is with my printer. If you are using an Epson SC-P900 I must caution you. Mine stops feeding this paper after 4 sheets at the most. Again-this printer has known feed issues, I don’t think it’s necessarily the fault of the paper. It could also be the greeting card size (6.25-9) I’m not sure how it works with full sheets. I wish it got along better with my printer.
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Just finished a big batch
Dan Murano
Verified Buyer
Thanks for the Epson feed tips - I had to clean the rollers several times on my P800. Results are excellent. Despite being listed as natural white, these are fairly bright. I'm very happy with them.
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Perfect fo Watercolor Prints
Karen Beauprie
Verified Buyer
I’ve been using the Aurora Natural 250 to produce Giclee quality reproductions of my Watercolor originals for years. It beautifully replicates the vivid colors of my work resulting in a “near original” offering. I am so happy that Red River is once again offering the 250. As a word of caution, the 300 thicker paper is almost impossible to feed through the Epson P600 even with hand manipulation and a lot if time.
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Perfect for My Watercolor Prints
Jessica Flores
Verified Buyer
I use this paper to make giclee prints of my watercolor paintings on my Canon Pixma Pro, and I love it! The warm color and texture mimic the watercolor paper I use, making my prints that much closer to the original. Wouldn't use anything else for my fine art prints!
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