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Canon Media Configuration Files - AM1 AM1X

Learn all about Canon AM1X Configuration files, how to install them, and how to use them successfully.

Canon Prograf series printers allow for the addition of "custom media types" into the printer's firmware and driver. This is accomplished via the Canon Media Configuration Tool, software that ships with all Prograf models. Using a custom media type offers users several advantages over selecting a generic media type. It allows the following information to be built into the media type file:

  • Ink density limits, paper feed vacuum strength, and print head height / platen gap
  • Roll paper settings - automatic cutting, drying time and borderless printing rules
  • Paper feed adjustment which is particularly useful with super-heavy media such as canvas

Is using the available config file required to get great results?

In our experience, no. The config files contain important, but not critical data. If you are using "standard" inkjet papers - photo glossy, satin, matte products - then AM1 / AM1X files are unlikely to improve output quality. For specialty media such as canvas or baryta photographic paper, the using the AM1 / AM1X file will provide important information to the printer such as platen gap and feed adjustments for optimal quality.

AM1 vs. AM1X Config File

Starting in the summer of 2016, Canon changed their PROGRAF config files from AM1 to AM1X format. They are the same type of file with different file extensions. They are not cross compatible and can only be loaded onto the printer type for which they were made.

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How to install / import AM1X Config files

How to use Canon AM1X Config files

How to install / import AM1 Config files

How to use Canon AM1 Config files

Last updated: April 19, 2024

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