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Color Profiles for the HP Photosmart 5520 6520 7520

Learn About ICC Printer Color Profiles HP Photosmart 6520 7520

ICC Printer Color Profiles HP Photosmart 5520 6520 7520

Profile Support

How to Install Profiles - Windows
How to Install Profiles - Mac
How to Use Profiles
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Download All Profiles in One Zip File.

Photo Papers

Matte Papers

Media Setting in Your Printer Driver / Properties


Set the Media according to the instructions that come with each profile download. You will NOT see a Red River Paper name listed in the Media drop down menu.

Turn off the printer’s color management.

Go to the Advanced menu then set the Image Color Management according to the below. Mac users should have their printer color controls turned off automatically.

6520 Advanced

About Red River Color Profiles

ICC color printer profiles are very useful in getting consistent and accurate inkjet prints. While using a profile adds steps to your printing workflow the end result will be less wasted ink and paper, and less stress on your part.

Red River Paper has chosen Chromix of Seattle WA as our color management partner. They are the acknowledged experts in this field and make custom ICC color profiles for Red River's line of premium quality photo inkjet papers. You can be assured that with Chromix profiles and Red River Paper products, your color output will be excellent.

Datacolor logoProfiles created by the Datacolor SpyderPRINT system.

Help for Red River Color Profiles

Each link will download a ZIP file that contains: 1 ICC Profile

Red River Paper offers profiles as a free service. As such, detailed support via phone is not available.

Learn How to Use ICC Color Printer Profiles (with helpful instructions).

Get Profile Related Questions Answered via Email.

Last updated: September 02, 2022

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