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Whether you are printing a self published book, your digital art for your next show, a portfolio of your photography, or others, Red River Paper's great selection of paper types, sizes, and finishes means we have the paper you need for your next project.

Coupled with our customer approved service, SafeTrip Package delivery, and our reputation for better quality inkjet paper at a lower cost than most all other 'premium' paper providers, we're confident you'll find what you need here.

Using digital technology means you can print and assemble as many portfolios are you need - without the tremendous cost of lab fees and lost time waiting for their completion.

Use your inkjet printer and your favorite Red River paper to print portfolios for any occasion or client preference.

You can choose any Red River paper for your portfolio. Here are some of our more popular papers based on customer feedback.

Note: When using 2-sided matte and fine art paper and a pigment ink like Epson's UltraChrome, we recommend using the translucent inserts between each page. Pigment inks leave a residue on matte and art papers that can transfer between pages. The inserts prevent this from occurring.

Book Weight Papers

For most portfolio projects, a medium or light weight paper is preferred for easier turning pages that tend to lie flat.

Double-sided Papers

Single Sided Matte Papers

Photo Weight Papers

Papers with the weight and thickness of typical photo prints

Photo feel papers (single sided)

Matte Papers

Double-sided Papers

Cover Weight / Heavy Papers

For that extra impact, consider using a heavier weight paper for the books cover.

Red River Paper is your choice for photo and fine art papers for black & white printing. While there is no such thing as an "inkjet paper for black & white", some are better than others at the task. Our Black & White Injet Photo Paper Guide you expert insight into black & white printing and what papers are recommended.

Keep in mind that the choice of paper for black & white printing is subjective and personal. While there are guidelines for what looks good with grayscales, in the end the choice depends on your likes and needs. Tone, surface texture, base stock, weight, and thickness all play an important role in your decision. Think about what you like. Next, consider what you are printing. Is it modern photography, an old image, or an attempt to recreate an original print? What you are trying to accomplish should be considered when picking your paper.

Just like a printing press, your inkjet printer can make super high quality, professional looking brochures. Check out our helpful article, Tri-Fold Brochures Can Yield Big Profits.

Make brochures on the fly, on in short runs for:

  • In-house marketing
  • Mailers
  • Product inserts

Brochure tips:

Stick to a medium or light weight paper. This makes folding easier.

Layout your brochure in software you probably already own - from Microsoft Word to Photoshop, you can take advantage of features in many common programs to make colorful and photo filled brochures.

Layout and Design Help

Here's a few resources for layout and designing of brochures.

Help with brochure layout:

Red River Blog Post:

Tri-Fold Brochures Can Yield Big Profits

Papers scored to tri-fold

These papers have two pre-scored fold lines on an 8.5x11 sheet. When folded, you will have a traditional 3.6" x 8.5" folded brochure.

Unscored Brochure Papers

These papers are as heavy or heavier than a traditional business card. Choose the paper surface and weight to meet your needs.

These papers are not pre-scored. They will need to be cut. Check out the iMark die cutting system which offers a business card template. iMark offers many great finishing solutions for the photography studio.

Photo feel papers - like traditional photo paper, you cannot print on the back of these papers.

Heavy gloss papers - plain paper on the back so you can write and print text on the rear of your cards

Card weight matte papers

Super Heavy Card Stocks

A custom made inkjet calendar is a great way to share your images with clients, friends, and potential customers. The cost is surprisingly low and compares with what you'd pay for a high quality store bought calendar.

  • event photographers make small or single month calendars
  • gift calendars for regular clients
  • business calendars market your name and can thank customers
  • self promotional pieces
  • marketing "leave-behinds" at trade shows or events
  • any creative ideas you can imagine

Papers for Calendar Printing

Free Calendar Templates for Photoshop and Photoshop Elements

How to Bind Your Calendars

We usually take calendars to Office Depot, Fedex Office, and the like for spiral binding service. Costs range from $4 to $7 per calendar depending on your choice of backing and cover.

You can also buy a personal comb binding or coil binding machine like these: (Note: if you do not see the images, you need to pause your ad-blocker.)

Fund Raising Drive? Corporate Event? Wedding? Parties?

Print custom wrappers for small handouts like candy bars, party favors, product samples, and more. Basically, what you are looking for is a great paper with a lot of flexibility. Red River Paper has two papers perfectly suited for the task. Both papers are compatible with any inkjet printer. Their weight and thickness allow for easy folding.

With inkjet printers and Red River paper, you can now print on-demand catalogs and price lists for your business or photo studio.

You can custom tailor each printed piece to a specific customer, or make short runs for surprisingly low costs.

Top quality medium weight

Light weight top quality

Inkjet Paper for CD, DVD, Blu-Ray, Cover, Insert, Booklet

Check out this selection of fine double-sided and single sided inkjet papers for printing your DVD, CD, and Blu-Ray inserts, covers, and booklets.

Inkjet papers for DVD, CD, and Blu-Ray inserts, covers, and booklets should be light to medium weight, photo quality, and able to withstand handling. These Red River papers are ideally suited for your cover and insert projects. Plus, we offer both single sided and double-sided stocks to meet any need.

Medium Weight Double-sided

The weight and thickness of a high quality brochure for your inserts.

Light Weight Glossy

Cast coated gloss with plain paper back. Compatible with dye inkjet printers only. You can print text and light graphics on the back of the paper.

Light / Medium Weight Matte Single Sided

Smooth non-reflective surface. Compatible with all inkjet printers. You can print text and light graphics on the back of the paper.

The key to proof prints for graphic design and fine artwork is a high level of quality coupled with a lower cost. Red River's light and medium weight papers make great choices for print proofs, whether for general pre-press proof or client approval.

Light Weight Papers

Medium Weight Papers

Recommended Printers for Graphic Designers

For most designers, a 13" wide printer is the best choice. The larger size will expand your printing capability. We recommend dye ink based printers for their speed, wide paper compatibility, and general ease of use. Read Red River's "Best inkjet printers for graphic design" now.

Turn your photos into greeting and note cards with ease! All it takes is a desktop inkjet printer, Red River Paper's professional quality card stock, and a few minutes. What you get is an amazing custom-made card that you can share with friends and family. You can easily sell cards at local art fairs and on the web. The best part is that the cards cost you less than $1.00 including paper, ink, and envelope!

Red River Paper has a high quality assortment of inkjet media for your poster printing projects. These products are compatible with any inkjet printer and reproduce bright colors and sharp detail.

Make magazine mock-ups and comp layouts on your inkjet printer. These papers are the right weight and thickness for a typical magazine project.

The Premium Matte papers are smooth and have no reflection. The lighter version is a bit thicker and heavier than high quality copy paper. Opacity of lighter weight papers is not high, so layouts with heavy ink coverage may have a bit of show-through.

For personal projects - Bring back the personal touch when sharing your travel and adventures with friends and family. Use your photography to make custom post cards, revealing your unique journey. For business projects - Your inkjet printer is your ticket to on-demand post card promotions. Easy to handle and inexpensive to mail, postcards are a cost-effective way to connect with your target market. And direct mail marketing using postcards is an economical and efficient way to attract new customers. Beautifully designed postcards have a clear-cut advantage - they immediately convey their key message.

Save time and money. Proof your latest job or your latest vacation on Red River inkjet paper.

What type of paper should you use to proof?

Red River offers different classes of inkjet paper to proof:

  • Photo look & feel
  • Photo weight matte
  • lightweight photo quality

Proofing hints:

Use the Contact Sheet function in Photoshop to make a convenient (and customizable) proof presentation automatically!

Print your proofs and assemble them into professional looking books using spiral binding.

Photo feel papers

Proofing on photo weight matte paper

Proofing on light weight glossy or matte paper - these papers generally cost less than heavier weight inkjet papers

Make Your Own QSL Cards - Inkjet Paper for QSL Cards

Make your own high quality QSL cards on your inkjet printer with these professional quality papers. If you are going to make your own QSL cards, you should do it right! Make the best possible design and use the best possible paper to represent yourself.

Red River Paper products are coated for photo quality reproductions. This means your text will be sharp, colors bright, and details professional quality.

Here are some resources to help you create and print your own QSL cards today:

These papers are compatible with Epson, Canon, and HP printers unless otherwise specified.

60lb. Pecos River Gloss™

Pecos is one of a kind in North America - a super smooth pigment friendly high gloss with a plain paper back.

  • Surface: Smooth glossy
  • Paper Tone: Bright White
  • Paper Weight: 60lb (230gsm) - photo weight
  • Thickness: 11 mil
  • Reverse Side: Plain paper
96lb. Pecos River Gloss™

Pecos is one of a kind in North America - a super smooth pigment friendly high gloss with a plain paper back.

Not recommended for HP printers.

  • Surface: Smooth glossy
  • Paper Tone: Bright White
  • Paper Weight: 96lb (360gsm) - heavy card stock
  • Thickness: 16 mil
  • Reverse Side: Plain paper
86lb. Pecos River Gloss DUO™

DUO features a high gloss surface on both sides for brilliant photo reproduction with dye and pigment inks.

Not recommended for HP printers.

  • Surface: Glossy
  • Paper Tone: Bold Bright White
  • Paper Weight: 86b (320gsm) - heavy card stock
  • Thickness: 15 mil
  • Printable: Both sides
60lb. Polar Matte®

Red River's Polar Matte raises the bar for imaging excellence. This paper brings you professional quality in every sense of the meaning.

  • Paper Tone: Bold Bright White
  • Paper Weight: 60lb (229gsm) - photo weight
  • Thickness: 10 mil
  • Reverse Side: Plain paper
88lb. Polar Matte® Heavy Card

The heaviest, highest quality photo matte available today.

Not recommended for HP printers.

  • Paper Tone: Bold Bright White
  • Paper Weight: 88lb (330gsm) - heavy card stock
  • Thickness: 14 mil
  • Reverse Side: Plain pap

What is a QSL Card?

From Wikipedia - A QSL card is a written confirmation of either a two-way radio communication between two amateur radio stations or a one-way reception of a signal from an AM radio, FM radio, television or shortwave broadcasting station. It can also confirm the reception of a two-way radio communication by a third party listener. A typical QSL card is the same size and made from the same material as a typical postcard, and most are sent through the mail as such.

QSL card derived its name from the Q code "QSL". A Q code message can stand for a statement or a question (when the code is followed by a question mark). In this case, QSL? means "do you confirm receipt of my transmission?" while QSL means "I confirm receipt of your transmission"

We don't need to tell you that image is important to real estate ventures. To get your best image out to the world, Red River offers the following papers that are best suited to the needs of Real Estate professionals.

Ideal Papers for High Quality Brochures & Fliers

Single Sided Photo Quality

Print photo quality on the front side, text and graphics on the back.

Double Side Photo Quality

You can print photo quality text and graphics on both sides of these papers.

Photo Papers

The look and feel of a photo lab print. Compatible with any printer.

Cover Weight / Heavy Papers

For book covers, high end presentations, and portfolios.

Don't Forget the Power of Notecards/Postcards

Never forget to thank customers and market yourself! Turn your work into custom cards on your desktop printer. Use Red River's pre-scored inkjet papers and matching envelopes to make your work and designs stand out. Paper ink and envelope cost less than $1.00 per card.

Scrapbookers rejoice! Red River Paper offers the photo inkjet papers you've been looking for in 12x12 sheets. You can also order all of you photo inkjet paper for snapshot and photo printing.

The key element here is keeping expenses low without sacrificing quality. First, you'll want a light-weight, two-sided paper for your pages. This keeps costs down and makes the book or manual easier to handle. Our 32lb Premium Duo is a perfect fit.

Next, you'll want a sturdier, heavier weight paper for the cover of your book or manual. Here, you have a much wider choice mostly dependent on what effect you want for your cover.

Table Tents are a great way to dress up a wedding diner, corporate party, or just to announce specials to dinner guests. And here's the maybe not so obvious secret...Table Tents, are just Greeting Cards turned on their side. And Red River Paper has a complete line of greeting cards.