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Best Inkjet Photo Paper for Book Printing Binding

Find the best inkjet paper for your next book printing project

You can choose any Red River paper to make an album or portfolio - but here are our recommendations based on quality and weight.

Like portfolios, custom book printing has become more accessible and cost-effective using inkjet printers and digital technology.

Regardless of how you bind your books, these Red River inkjet papers will perform well handling, scratch resistance (depending on the printer), and photo quality.

SPECIAL NOTE: We recommend using translucent inserts between each page when using 2-sided matte and fine art paper and pigment ink like Epson UltraChrome and Canon Lucia. Pigment inks leave a residue on matte and art papers that can transfer between pages. The inserts prevent this from occurring.

Book Weight Papers

For most book projects, a medium or lightweight paper is preferred for easier turning pages that tend to lie flat.

Double-sided Papers

Single Sided Matte Papers

Single Sided Glossy Papers

Photo Weight Papers

Papers with the weight and thickness of typical photo prints

Photo Papers (single-sided)

Matte Papers

Double-sided Papers

Accessories for book binding projects:

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Last updated: February 20, 2024

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