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What Inkjet Papers Can be Recycled?

Not all inkjet papers can be recycled. Find out which can from the experts.

What inkjet papers can be recycled

Ever wonder what inkjet papers can be recycled? Because they are coated with specialty chemicals, there is confusion about which inkjet paper can be placed in the recycle bin.

The general rule is that you can recycle all inkjet paper except photobase media. Photobase papers (aka Resin Coated, PE Base) look and feel like a photo lab print. They feature a paper core coated with plastic on both sides. Good examples are UltraPro Satin and Polar Gloss Metallic. Dispose of resin coated media in the trash.

Other kinds of inkjet photo paper that does not have a plastic coating are recyclable. Photo and art quality matte, cotton rag, Premium Gloss and Pecos Gloss papers from Red River Paper all fall into this category.

Speaking of recycling, did you know Red River Paper recycles? Each year, we recycle over 10,000 lbs. of material including paper, cardboard, and plastics. Our goal is recycled at least 90% of product waste on a yearly basis, rather than send it to landfill.

Last updated: April 22, 2024