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How To Use Inkjet Printer Profiles: Photoshop CC / Canon / Windows

This brief tutorial will show you how easy it is to properly use a printer color profile from Photoshop CC. 

If you're not familiar, you can learn more about printer profiles and why they can be helpful.

Quick Tip:
When using a printer profile, you will tell Photoshop to be charge of color management.
This means you will be turning off the color management controls of your inkjet printer in the process.

To begin - File > Print or hit Ctrl + P on your keyboard.

The Photoshop print dialog with preview will appear. This dialog is important. Spend time to understand the available controls.

At the bottom left you will notice three check boxes. They activate a soft proof in the preview. 

The preview uses the paper profile you will choose in the steps below.

Match Print Colors - A basic soft proof showing how a print using the profile might look.

Gamut Warning - Will highlight in gray areas of an image where the colors are out-of-gamut for the paper profile.

Show Paper White - Simulates how the tone of the paper will affect the print.

Note: These check boxes have NO IMPACT on the print quality. They only simulate the effect of the paper profile on the image.


Photoshop Print Dialog Setup

When your photo or file is ready to print, choose File > Print or hit Ctrl + P on your keyboard.

  1. Choose "Photoshop Manages Color" from the "Color Handling" drop down.
  2. Select the profile for your printer and paper in the "Printer Profile" drop down. This menu is arranged alphabetically. Red River profiles all start with "RR".
  3. Rendering Intent: Canon printers tend to do best with Perceptual but you can also try Relative. Learn About Rendering Intent.
  4. Black Point Compensation checked.
  5. Click the Print Settings to launch your printer's property dialog.

Printing Preferences Setup

Your printer's preferences menu will launch after you click Print Settings above.

1. Set media type - Refer to the profile instructions PDF

    Note: The Red River Paper profile name will not appear in this drop down! Only Canon paper types.

    2. Set Print Quality

    3. Choose Manual Color / Intensity 

    4. Click Set. The Manual Color Adjustment dialog will appear.

    1. Click the Matching tab

    2. Choose Color Correction: NONE

    Click OK until you are back at the Photoshop print dialog. You can now click Print.

    Video Tutorial Available

    Watch the companion video to this tutorial


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