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Photo Papers by Photography Subject - The Great Inkjet Paper Surface Guide

Find the Best Photo Papers for Your Photography Type

Best Photo Papers for Your Photography Type

The Great Inkjet Paper Guide

This guide is designed to help you find photo and art paper by type of photography you are currently printing. All of the papers are compatible with Canon, Epson, HP and other inkjet printer makes. They are all tested and guaranteed to work provided you follow each paper's specs on printer compatibility. Red River Paper products are the best inkjet papers on the market today and often exceed the quality of the big brands. Here's a bonus, you will also get a better selection, better support, and prices up to 40% less than the retail brands.

Editors Note: The best paper is the paper YOU like! There are thousands of subjects, genres, and topics of interest in the world of photography. Our take on paper surface and best images takes years of customer feedback and printing into account. However, we will never say a particular inkjet paper is unacceptable for a photo or project. The choice is ultimately yours to make and yours to enjoy.

Black and White

Landscapes and Nature

Portraits / Wedding






Water, Ice, Snow


Night Skies


Old Photographs

If you have questions or would like to suggest an addition to the guide, please Contact Us.