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Best Inkjet Paper for Architectural Photography

© Paul Roark - Red River Paper PRO

Architectural photography can take on many moods. From somber to stunning, images of buildings, cities, and urban landscapes call for different paper surfaces.

High gloss papers are an excellent starting point. They enhance saturation, sharpness, and the inorganic nature of architectural images.

Satin and luster papers reproduce the same saturated colors as a glossy. Their slightly textured surface helps break up reflections, and might work with scenes that are more of a cityscape than pure architectural portrait.

Photo metallic paper, like 66lb. Polar Pearl Metallic, is becoming one of the most popular surfaces for architectural work. Its higly reflective surface and metallic luminance bring life and depth to any image. Glass and water take on a particular brilliance with this type of media.

For the fine art look, consider a non-reflective photo matte. Buildings are often awash with intricate details and nuances. Lacking any reflection or glare, viewers can more easily focus on the fine details of a matte paper print.

68lb. UltraPro Gloss 2.0 Paper

68lb. UltraPro Gloss prints vibrant colors and deep blacks with any inkjet printer. 10.4mil thickness gives your prints true photo lab quality. Compatible with any inkjet printer, this paper dries instantly for immediate quality and resistance to smears.

  • Surface: Glossy
  • Tone: Bright White
  • Weight: 68lb. / 270 gsm
  • Thickness: 10.4 mil

Polar Gloss Metallic 255 Paper

Polar Gloss Metallic 255 is a unique inkjet paper that closely matches the look of photo lab metallic prints.

  • Surface: Glossy photo metallic
  • Tone: Warm
  • Weight: 255 gsm / 66lb.
  • Thickness: 10.4 mil

60lb Polar Matte Photo Paper

This archival matte paper brings you professional quality in every sense of the meaning - from the coating to the base stock, Polar is the go-to photo matte when you want the best.

  • Surface: Smooth matte
  • Tone: Bright white
  • Weight: 60lb. / 230 gsm
  • Thickness: 10 mil