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Red River's Position on Grain Direction

Red River Paper products do not come with a grain direction guarantee unless specifically labeled. That said, they tend to be grain long because of how we produce items from the master roll. However, we cut for best yield and minimal waste. This means that at times some inventory can switch grain direction. We do not track changes because grain direction is not guaranteed.

Papers Available as Grain Specific

UltraPro Satin Duo 255

50lb. Arctic Polar Luster Double-sided

50lb. Premium Matte Double-sided

What is Grain Direction?

A paper's grain is the direction in which most of the fibers lie. Grain is determined during the papermaking process, when fibers tend to align in one direction or the other. Paper can be identified as either grain short (grain is parallel to paper's short side) or grain long (grain is parallel to the paper's long side), depending on how the paper is cut.