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Inkjet Paper Thickness Conversion - from Mil to MM

Learn the Easy Way to Determine Inkjet Paper Thickness Conversion From Mil to MM

A number of inkjet printer models have a driver setting for paper thickness denoted in millimeters (mm). As a rule, inkjet paper specs do not include listing thickness in mm because it too large a scale to be useful. We normally list inkjet paper thickness in terms of mil, or thousandths of an inch. You may also see thickness listed as points or pt. This is the same as mil.

So, if you want to know what mm setting is appropriate for your printer, here is a quick way to go from mil to mm.

  1. Go
  2. In the search box type the following: 10.4 mil to mm
  3. The search result will give you 0.254 millimeters.

You can do the same conversion search for any mil thickness.

So go give it a try!