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ImagePrint Select Media

Image Print Select Media

The highest quality inkjet media, specially selected by ImagePrint and Red River Paper for the Cut-it-out! system.

Our partnership with Red River Paper is the result of many months of testing and sourcing papers that would perform to the highest of standards for use with ImagePrint Cut-it-out! Our goal is to provide a wide variety of medias that reduce the time it takes to begin production with this exciting new technology.

We chose Red River Paper as a partner because they were willing to listen to the specifications that are required to successfully cut paper with a cutting plotter. With their extensive knowledge of the industry we were able to choose and test existing papers and source other papers that were desired. We also wanted a ready supply of larger cut sheets for the 17” sheet fed market and Red River had the means to make that available right away.

Image Print Cut Out

It’s been well known that the most efficient way to print photographs with large format printers is from a roll. The biggest challenge with roll media is always the curl memory. Many issues come into play when trying to reduce curl from a roll. The second issue is how to cut out all those small photos accurately and efficiently. Cut-it-out! solves

that problem leaving nothing more than a little curl to deal with.

Core size - 3” cores are mandatory for reducing roll curl. All ImagePrint Premier Photo Media is delivered on a 3” core.

Master Roll - From where on the master roll did the media come from. This is out of any suppliers control and each roll will differ in this regard.

Freshness - The length of time the roll has been boxed from the time is came off the master roll to the time it was sold. We found with Red River Paper as a high quality, smaller supplier that the freshness of each roll was extremely good in our testing. This had a big impact on jobs coming off the printer and having very little curl from the start. It allows the user to move from print to cut without a transitional time to either rest the print flat or to D-roll it.

About Red River Paper - With Red River Paper, you get the best quality photo and fine art inkjet media. We buy direct from the source and do all of the cutting and converting here in Dallas. That means the tightest control over quality, packaging, and shipments. You will get the absolute best support, service, and value when you choose Red River Paper.


ImagePrint Select Media Lineup

60lb. Polar Matte®

Red River's Polar Matte raises the bar for imaging excellence. This paper brings you professional quality in every sense of the meaning.

  • Paper Tone: Bold Bright White
  • Paper Weight: 60lb (229gsm)
  • Thickness: 10 mil
  • Reverse Side Plain paper

60lb. Polar Matte® Double-Sided

When your printing project calls for top photo quality and two sided printing, think Polar Matte Double-sided.

  • Paper Tone: Bold Bright White
  • Paper Weight: 60b (232gsm)
  • Thickness: 11 mil
  • Reverse Side :Photo quality coated

68lb. UltraPro Satin® 4.0 - The Top Selling Red River Paper

UltraPro will capture the true depth and range of colors in your photography, and lets your inkjet printer perform to its maximum potential.

  • Satin Texture: Medium
  • Paper Tone: Bright white
  • Paper Weight: 68lb (270gsm)
  • Thickness: 10.4mil

UltraPro Luster® 300

A relative of our best seller, UltraPro Satin, this paper features a deep luster texture to enhance your prints without being a distraction. Because it is heavier and thicker than a lab paper, your prints will feel more substantial and will resist handling wear.

  • Satin Texure: Deep
  • Paper Tone: Bold Bright White
  • Paper Weight: 300gsm (80lb)
  • Thickness: 11.6mil

Polar Luster Metallic® 255

Polar Luster Metallic is a truly unique inkjet paper that closely matches the look of photo lab metallic prints. Polar Gloss Metallic 255 features the same aspects as its lab equivalent - an elegant luster (E-surface) finish on a pearlescent base stock that yields an stunning iridescence in your images.

  • Satin Texture: Deep
  • Paper Tone: Metallic pearl
  • Paper Weight: 255gsm (66lb)
  • Thickness: 10.4mil

60lb. Pecos River Gloss™

Pecos is one of a kind in North America - a super smooth pigment friendly high gloss with a plain paper back.

  • Surface: Smooth glossy
  • Paper Tone: Bright White
  • Paper Weight: 60lb (230gsm)
  • Thickness: 11 mil
  • Reverse Side: Plain paper

Coming Soon!

Glossy adhesive sticker media

Last updated: September 27, 2019

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