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Best Inkjet Photo Paper for Landscape Images Photography Printing

What are the Best Inkjet Photo Paper for Landscape Images Photography Printing? Find out now!

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Laurie Excel Bear Photo
©Laurie Excell - Red River Paper PRO

Paper Surfaces for Landscape and Nature Images

Detail is king in landscape or nature photography. We want the viewer to experience all of the wonderful detail and nuance of nature that was captured by our camera. The paper we choose needs to help in this pursuit and not create distraction.

We recommend matte, satin, luster, and semigloss media for landscapes and nature photography. Matte paper is usually smooth and always has very low reflective quality. Satin and luster papers have a light texture on a photobase substrate. You've undoubtedly seen the look from a photo lab print. The texture causes satin and luster papers to have lower reflection potential. Semigloss papers typically have a smooth surface with reflectance between that of glossy and matte. Limited or no reflection from a print will help the viewer to focus on the details of the image.

Paper Tonality

Inkjet papers can be classified as warm or cool tone. Cool papers are brighter white, while warm inkjet paper is a subtle natural white tone.

The choice between warm and cool is subjective and will depend on the overall look desired for a print. Keep in mind that the tone of the paper sets your print's white point. Also, you will get better perceived contrast from a cooler white paper.

Laurie Excel Bryce Park Photo
©Laurie Excell - Red River Paper PRO

Images of natural settings and objects tend to favor warmer paper. Colors are more natural and less punchy. In contrast, a scene where you want the most contrast and cleanest whites (a snowy meadow) will benefit from a cooler tone inkjet paper.

Don't forget to try a Red River Paper Sample Kit so you can print and see which papers are your favorites.

Papers for Landscape & Nature Image Printing


Satin / Luster Papers

68lb. UltraPro Satin 4.0 – Bright white
75lb. Arctic Polar Luster - Brighter white
66lb. Palo Duro Satin - Warmer tone

Matte Papers

60lb. Polar Matte – Cool tone paper

Fine Art Papers

Blanco Matte Canvas - One of the finest woven inkjet canvas products available today
San Gabriel Baryta SemiGloss 2.0 - The look of darkroom prints from days gone by
Aurora Art White – Cool tone 100% cotton
Aurora Art Natural – Warm tone 100% cotton

Exception to the Rule

Red River's Polar Gloss Metallic 255 is a glossy paper that looks like photo lab metallic paper like Kodak's Endura Metallic™. It has low optical brightener content making the paper tone an elegant warm white. This paper imparts a brilliant, almost luminescent look to your images with hints of pearlescent reflections.

The effect is to make bold colors in nature look even more vibrant. Images with less saturational become more powerful and assertive. Reflections, water, flowers, desertscapes, greens, and reds are particularly stunning on this unique inkjet photo paper.

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