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Shoot Snow Scenes For Gorgeous Images

Arthur H. Bleich— Violent winter snow storms are really an invitation for you to shoot some outstanding images. You need to get your camera and yourself more

Pricey Cameras Don’t Make Better Photos

By Albert Chi— Dentist, "How important is the equipment you buy?" He knew I was a professional photographer but was not expecting the answer I gave him, which was: Not that more

Our National Parks Odyssey: Renaissance, Part Two

by Andrew Slaton— Part 2 of 2. 02/18/22. Looking back and reflecting on the beautiful memories, to see how far we’ve come, and to renew our resolve. We now have a more

Our National Parks Odyssey: Renaissance, Part One

by Andrew Slaton— Part 1 of 2. 01/19/22. Six full years of living as nomads. So many places feel like home these days, it’s hard to decipher what home really means more

$25 Will Restore A Blind Person’s Sight

By Albert Chi— If you’re a photographer or artist, eyesight is everything. That’s why a recent column in the New York Times by Nicholas Kristof caught my attention when he recommended several charities, one of which he’d personally visited in Nepal called the Cure Blindness Project. I thought it might be of special interest more

Embrace Change…It’s Good For You!

by Suzanne D. Williams– Life happens. Things change. I was reminded of this recently when watching a series of videos by a large- format photographer who still uses film. He was explaining the mental process he went through to create a series of beautiful mountain photographs when he stopped to comment on how he more
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Our National Parks Odyssey: The Real Reward

This is the third of an ongoing series about Red River Pro Andrew Slaton and his wife Ellen who, along with two dogs, Islay and Skye and Colonel Bubba, the cat, left the comforts of Dallas to hit the road full time in a travel trailer, with the goal of photographing all 59 U. more

Our National Parks Odyssey: Ups and Downs

This is the second part of an ongoing series about Red River Pro Andrew Slaton and his wife Ellen who, along with their two dogs and a cat, have hit the road full time in a travel trailer to seek adventure and photograph all the National Parks. There have also been some side trips, more

My Photographic Evolution

By Suzanne D. Williams– My daughter’s graduation from high school some years ago prompted me to comb through files filled with old photographs. She’ll always be my baby and I had several of those “mom moments,” wishing to re-enter my now rosy past. But I was also forced to revisit some really bad photographs. more

For Love Of Lions

By Kenn Jacobs– My first published photo in a book was a pub sign–The Old Red Lion–shot in a now-forgotten English village. It wasn’t until many years later, though, that I had an epiphany when I came face to face with the sculpture of the Lion of Lucerne in Switzerland. Carved in 1820 as more

The Romantic Spirit Of Photography

By Suzanne D. Williams– Lately, I find myself pulled into two halves. The logical side of me writes photography articles, historical facts, and how-tos. This is my dominant side. However, there is also my creative side. This side surrounds itself with fictional characters, romantic verses, and colorful images. This side learned how to say “ more

Digital Photography– Where Next?

By Chris Gatcum– You only have to look at what’s happened to photography in the 21st Century to see how rapidly the technology that underpins it is moving: in the year 2000, full-frame cameras were a mere suggestion; a digital SLR costing less than $1,000 was a dream; and CSCs [Compact System Cameras], sophisticated more
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Spectrum Expands For Color Blind Photographers!

by Arthur H. Bleich– If your prints look good to you but not to anyone else, you could be color blind. More than 14 million people in the U.S. and Canada are afflicted with some type of color vision deficiency ranging from mild to severe which makes it impossible for them to see colors that more

Our National Parks Odyssey

By Andrew Slaton– Steam from the early morning chill rises off the Green River in the Wind River Range of Wyoming.  Squaretop, an aptly named handsome granite mountain in the distance catches the first rays of the sun, rising somewhere I cannot yet see. I sip my scalding, black coffee in our trailer and wait. more

Three Photography Book Gems For Under $10 !

by Arthur H. Bleich– Now that we’re into the holiday season, I’d like to recommend three photography books that are stand-outs and would make great gifts or be worthy additions to your library. All are currently available at Amazon in used (but mostly like-new) condition at about $10 or less. Some are going for as more

“Pure Images” are a Myth

By Bryan Peterson –As the years have gone by, I have been pushing myself further and further away from the “obvious” photographic opportunities and more toward the “unseen,” as well as toward creating images from “scratch” (i.e., using props and/or models, and creating compositions that are in fact inspired in part by observing the more

Photographs versus Fine Art Photographs

 By Bruce Barnbaum– Throughout my photographic career, I have been asked, “What is the difference between a fine art photograph and a regular photograph?” This question was asked explicitly at the last workshop I taught before completing the text for The Essence of Photography. It’s an excellent question, one that deserves thought and discussion. more

Altering Reality– It’s Nothing New

By Arthur H. Bleich– Critics of computer-altered images usually divide photography into two time periods: the honest analog days and the dishonest digital ones. If it were only that easy. Tinkering with images is as old as photography itself; it’s merely become more sophisticated. In the early days of photography, “spirit” photos depicted departed more

New Magazine Focuses on the Art and Craft of Photography

The new issue of Shadow & Light Magazine is out and about.  Go to for to purchase either a single-issue or annual subscription. Shadow & Light magazine is an online photography magazine that couldn’t wait any longer to be published. It is the brainchild of Tim Anderson, the publisher/editor of Red Dog News, and more

Your Camera- A Tool, Not A Jewel

By Arthur H. Bleich–  For those of you who are not professionals and take pictures for the love of it, technology is your most formidable opponent. Digital cameras have far too many features for you to become comfortable with, especially if you don’t (and I know you don’t) shoot a couple of hundred pictures a more