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Photo History

Boxing Images Are Challenging By Richard E. Baker

Richard E. Baker, professional boxing photographer for 40+ years says if you can handle the violence, he recommends it to stretch your photographic skills. Get more

Photo History: Willi Ruge’s Fall to Fame

A 39-year-old German photographer, with 20 years experience in photography, carried with him a bulky camera and was probably the world’s first parachutist to document his own more

Movie Backdrop Art Will Blow Your Mind!

By Arthur H. Bleich— Comparing painted backdrop art to photographic backgrounds which are used in productions today, they light better and you can interpret the more

Kodak's Coloramas Still Resonate 30 Years Later

By Arthur H. Bleich— Kodak had come up with a new line of small cameras and wanted to sell lots of them along with its newer, faster, color print film. A perfect storm for a more

Baron Wolman, Iconic Rock Photographer, Dies at 83

By Tony Bonanno— Baron Wolman died peacefully on November 2, 2020 in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He was 83. I feel privileged to have been able to call him a good friend for almost two decades. Baron was Rolling Stone magazine’s first photographer and actually had a major role in getting the unique rock more

Spending the 1958 Winter Solstice in Barrow, Alaska

By Arthur H. Bleich— The Wien Alaska Airlines war-surplus C-47 made a large circle in the dark, noonday sky. All I could see out the window as it began its final approach was the bright moon shining on a small cluster of lighted buildings surrounded by a vast expanse of ice. I lifted my more
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Ghana: An African Portrait Revisited

By Peter E. Randall— Photographing and producing a book on Ghana was not on my mind when I first visited the West African country in 1984 as a United Nations consultant. I was hired to document an improved method of smoking fish, a vital task in a country with little access to refrigeration to more

Photos Overlooked For 35 Years–Found!

By Peter E. Randall— Sand and surf. Babes in bikinis and babies in diapers. Muscular teenagers and spry golden agers. Boardwalks and arcades. These were among my subjects in the summer of 1983 at Hampton Beach, New Hampshire’s largest tourist destination, where I set out to document tourists relaxing, playing, and romancing. I like more

Lotte Jacobi’s America

By Arthur H. Bleich–   Gary Samson was an aspiring 25-year-old photographer in 1976 when he first met Lotte Jacobi in New Hampshire. She was 80 and a successful German portrait photographer from Berlin who had emigrated to New York City in 1935, narrowly escaping Adolf Hitler’s persecution of the Jews. Samson was working more

“Into The Light” Showcases Legendary Musical Artists

By Jérôme Brunet– My love for music began long before I found my way into photography. My mother was a classically trained musician and teacher, and had me playing the cello at age four. I continued on for the next ten years into my teens, but when I first heard the opening riff of more

Jack Delano’s Greatest Photo Assignment

by Arthur H. Bleich– Jack Delano’s fascination with trains began when he was eight, but it wasn’t until he was nearly 30 that he got a photographer’s dream assignment: Document the nation’s railroads in time of war. The year was 1942. Delano (pronounced de-LAY-no) was born Jacob Ovcharov on August 1, 1914 in the more

Choose The Right Paper For Printing Old Photos

By Christine Pentecost– Digitally restoring old and damaged photos and bringing them back to life has been a very rewarding and challenging hobby for me over the past 15 years. I have restored photos from the late 1800s that were mounted on cardboard, to Polaroids from the 70s, and to photos ravaged by Hurricane Katrina’ more
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It Takes Guts To Use This Camera

By Arthur H. Bleich– In the 1966 movie Fantastic Voyage, a team of scientists and their submarine are reduced to microscopic size and inserted into the bloodstream of a colleague to remove a blood clot in his brain; a procedure too risky to do surgically. Science fiction? Of course­– but a thriller all the more

The Appeal of Black & White Photography

By Michael Freeman– There is now a significant and growing reverse flow in photography, towards the new black and white. It’s new because it’s created from colour with processing software that makes the experience a delight, which means that you don’t even need to decide at the start that it’s a black-and-white image you’re more

Digital Photography– Where Next?

By Chris Gatcum– You only have to look at what’s happened to photography in the 21st Century to see how rapidly the technology that underpins it is moving: in the year 2000, full-frame cameras were a mere suggestion; a digital SLR costing less than $1,000 was a dream; and CSCs [Compact System Cameras], sophisticated more

Three Photography Book Gems For Under $10 !

by Arthur H. Bleich– Now that we’re into the holiday season, I’d like to recommend three photography books that are stand-outs and would make great gifts or be worthy additions to your library. All are currently available at Amazon in used (but mostly like-new) condition at about $10 or less. Some are going for as more

The History of Photography in 5 Minutes

I came across a gem of a video the other day and thought I’d share it with you. But to digress a bit, its title brought back some great memories of Don Novello, a comedian whose character, Father Guido Sarducci, made millions of viewers laugh in the late 70s and early 80s when he appeared more

Try Soft Light For Great Portraits

By Arthur H. Bleich– In the early days of amateur photography, enthusiasts were always being warned to “keep the sun at your back” because films were slow and  needed lots of light to record a decent image. But before photography became the beloved hobby of the masses, Victorian studio photographers had discovered that the best more

Richard Baker: War and Peace

By Arthur H. Bleich– In 1966, Richard Baker aimed his M-16 at the Vietnamese; today he uses an arsenal of analog cameras to shoot them. His goal is to photograph all 54 ethnic tribes in the country where he was once sent to fight. Now 68, the twice-wounded Army veteran has been back to more

Nothing Says it Better Than A Photographic Print

By Drew Hendrix– I have a friend whose daughter died when she was a teenager but he still greets her every day with: “Hi kiddo, how’s it going?” And he says she always replies with a smile from within her picture frame on the wall. He told me that when he views her image more