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Make Spectacular Reflection-Free Framed Prints

By Al Warfield– After you’ve gone to the effort of taking the perfect shot, making the perfect print, and choosing the perfect frame, why spoil your image by framing it under glass? more

New Photo Project Book Really Delivers!

By Albert Chi— Despite its quirky title, this new photo book by Chris Gatcum will introduce you to a plethora of projects, stuff you’ve always wanted to do but never quite figured out more

Asus 24″ Monitor: Perfect Color for Perfect Prints

By Arthur H. Bleich— Images must display accurately on your monitor. The 24” Asus PA248QV allows you to do just that; in fact, it out-performs many monitors costing a lot more

How Two of My Images Grew Into a 55-foot-wide Mural

By Christine Pentecost— An auto dealership was looking for a huge photo panorama, 55 feet wide by 6 feet high of the Bridger Mountains to hang in their showroom. How I did more

Documenting Maine’s Penobscot River Wilderness. Part 2

By Zac Durant— The first half of my trip was leisurely paced down the West Branch of the Penobscot and I had time to enjoy and photograph much of the river’s wildlife. Then? more

Photojournalist With Soul: Carl Juste

  by Arthur H. Bleich— Red River Ppaper Pro Carl Juste has a personal intensity that permeates every photograph he makes. His images speak in a way  words  cannot, making an immediate connection with the viewer. He is a master visual communicator. Juste, 56, was just two years old when his family was forced more
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Back to Basics: The Power of Light

By Suzanne D. Williams— Light is the key element in every photograph and having an understanding of it is essential to becoming a good photographer. Relying on your camera’s automatic settings will at some point become a hindrance because these settings can be misleading. The camera does not always make the correct choice. Instead, you, more

Nina Katchadourian: Photo Artistry at 36,000 Feet

By Arthur H. Bleich— It’s 2011. On a jumbo jet 36,000 feet over the Pacific headed for New Zealand, night has fallen, the cabin lights are  dimmed and most of the passengers have dozed off.  Nina Katchadourian  slips quietly out of her aisle seat, cellphone in hand, and makes her way down the aisle more

Texture, Deckle and Float Your Flower Images!

By Christine Pentecost— Living in Montana, where the winters are  long, I decided to give myself a photographic challenge, so I could enjoy my flowers year round. I wanted to photograph fresh bouquets of flowers, but in a way that I could have unique backgrounds, which could easily be changed.  I also wanted a more

Photographing the White Horses of the Camargue

By Tony Bonanno— I’ve photographed horses for many years– quarter horses on western ranches, grand prix jumpers, rodeo horses and wild roaming Spanish Mustangs, but none have intrigued me more than the White Horses of the Camargue in the South of France. I’d never heard of them until about five years ago when I more

The Encaustic Photo Artistry of Jill Skupin Burkholder

By Arthur H. Bleich— On the last day of January, 2014, a small, brown package arrived at the home of Jill Skupin Burkholder, a photo/artist who lives in Palenville, NY, a tiny hamlet nestled at the base of the Catskill mountains. Inside the package rested a highly sophisticated HCO ScoutGuard trail camera, capable of more

Back To Basics: Orientation Can Make Or Break Your Image

 By Suzanne Williams– The composition of a photograph is exactly what the word “composition” itself implies.  It is the way the objects in an image are “composed”, or we could say, “arranged”.  Composition is, for the most part, subjective to the photographer’s eye.  The fact is that there are many ways to arrange the more
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Kaitlin Walsh– Merging Art With Anatomy

by Arthur H. Bleich– Kaitlin Walsh is a biomedical artist– a rarity in the art world. Her beautifully crafted, abstract anatomy watercolor paintings celebrate the wonders of the human body in ways so imaginative it’s sometimes hard not to fall in love with her deadly cancer cells or even mundane parts of the human body, more

How To Print Beautiful Antique Christmas Cards

By Arthur H. Bleich– The Christmas card-giving tradition began in London in 1843, when Sir Henry Cole commissioned an artist friend, John Horsley, to design a card that could be mailed to his friends. Some say Sir Henry thought up the idea to avoid writing long letters in reply to those sent by friends more

Fine Art Inkjet Printing

By Jim Nickelson– I’m often asked from friends, family, and even other photographers about why I bother printing my work when the whole world seems to be moving digital. For me, the reason is simple: creating a fine art print is my primary purpose in making photographs. As is likely becoming obvious, I am more

Frank Hamrick– Handcrafted Photobooks

By Arthur H. Bleich– When Frank Hamrick was ten he traded his sister an old hat for a plastic 35mm camera she’d gotten from a kid on the school bus who’d gotten it from his father who’d gotten it from an auto dealer as a premium for test driving a car. And so began more

Add Value and Security to Your Images

By Arthur H. Bleich– If you currently sell (or would like to sell) prints of your best work here’s a technique I’ve used successfully to assure buyers that if they resell my photographs some day it can be proven that they are genuinely mine and not unauthorized copies. I began doing this a few years more

Get Maximum Shadow Detail in Your Prints

By Tim Grey– In many cases a print will not reflect the full level of shadow detail as actually exists in the image file. Instead, that shadow gets “blocked up,” similar to the way shadow detail gets clipped in an exposure that is too dark. You can compensate for this issue by essentially brightening more

Photos To Art Prints In Eight Simple Steps

By Brady Wilks– A digital inkjet wet transfer print provides a look that no other process can achieve. Due to the variations that an artist can use to manipulate the print and its unique visual aesthetic, this alternative photographic process is a powerful and viable option for an artist’s expression. The process is simple more

Tri-Fold Brochures Can Yield Big Profits

                                                                                       By Arthur H. Bleich– My first introduction to tri-fold brochures came more