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Pricey Cameras Don’t Make Better Photos

By Albert Chi— Dentist, "How important is the equipment you buy?" He knew I was a professional photographer but was not expecting the answer I gave him, which was: Not that more

Back To Basics: Quick ‘n Easy Print Framing!

By Peter E. Randall— Based on nearly sixty years of experience, I believe there are two major elements to photography. First step, making of an image. Second step, to display the more

Here comes the sun…and Solarcan’s ready to grab it!

By Albert Chi— Many strange-looking cameras have been produced but Solarcan may be the weirdest, yet. And, certainly, what it’s made to do gives it a leg up on all the others. Basically, it’s a pinhole camera with a twist (curved to be more exact), made to record the transit of the Sun, for more

Pictar Pro Makes Smartphone Cameras Smarter

By Arthur H. Bleich– Inside every smartphone camera beats a heart that yearns to be a DSLR. The features are there but, like Sleeping Beauty, they need a few digital kisses to awaken them. Pictar Pro does that and more. Through an integrated software app, it will add of dozens of options that can more

ANURA Pocket Photo Drone Will Capture Spur-Of-The-Moment Images

 By Arthur H. Bleich– Jason Lam is a San Francisco designer and builder of Aericam photo drones–the kind used by Hollywood to shoot spectacular aerial scenes that shock and awe. Their prices–in the thousands–can elicit the same response; most require intricate remote control equipment and some even need trained pilots to fly them (from more

Wider is Better

By Arthur H. Bleich– Most amateur photographers lust for longer focal length lenses that bring distant subjects nearer. But most professionals will tell you that if they had to choose between a telephoto or a short focal length lens, they’d take the wide-angle every time. First, it’s a very versatile lens, especially for shooting more
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