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"Horse Of The Sea" Showcases Stunning Equine Photography by Tony Bonanno

This is a book about the horses, of course. Those magnificent white horses indigenous to the Camargue area of Southern more

Levison Wood: Photo Encounters With Strangers

by Levison Wood— For me, every single picture conjures a memory of an individual, a family or a whole community, and the stories that they shared with me. Moments in more

46 Photogs + 3 Years = 10,000 Images of NH

By Peter E. Randall— Documenting life in New Hampshire? It takes forty-six photographers, a three-year shoot, and that results in a full color hardbound more

How Photography Helped Save My Life

By Michael Blanchard— I was arrested in February 2010 in Maine for drunk driving while attempting to drive to Boston to talk to my wife and try to repair the damage from our constant fights. I was the COO at a company in Maine and my wife was living in the city. She was more

Pros Tell How To “Get The Photos Others Can’t ->”

By Michael Freeman— When you know in advance that a situation forbids photography, you first need to have a very good reason to flout authority, and then you need to plan how to shoot surreptitiously. This is the serious end of investigative photojournalism, and while you’re not likely to be facing the same challenges more

A Great Read: “Photographers On Photography”

By Henry Carroll– Let’s consider the visionaries, the groundbreakers, the original thinkers – those influential figures from past and present who pushed photography forward and continue to do so today. How did they – how do they – approach their craft and what matters most? Here we have a selection of quotations, photographs and more
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Jack Delano’s Greatest Photo Assignment

by Arthur H. Bleich– Jack Delano’s fascination with trains began when he was eight, but it wasn’t until he was nearly 30 that he got a photographer’s dream assignment: Document the nation’s railroads in time of war. The year was 1942. Delano (pronounced de-LAY-no) was born Jacob Ovcharov on August 1, 1914 in the more

New York In The Snow

by Vivienne Gucwa– I wish I could say that there was one photo that started it all. It would be the one photo that somehow ignited my passion for snow photography in New York City. The one that people could look at to understand why I might walk up to eight miles through snowstorms more

The Appeal of Black & White Photography

By Michael Freeman– There is now a significant and growing reverse flow in photography, towards the new black and white. It’s new because it’s created from colour with processing software that makes the experience a delight, which means that you don’t even need to decide at the start that it’s a black-and-white image you’re more

Three Photography Book Gems For Under $10 !

by Arthur H. Bleich– Now that we’re into the holiday season, I’d like to recommend three photography books that are stand-outs and would make great gifts or be worthy additions to your library. All are currently available at Amazon in used (but mostly like-new) condition at about $10 or less. Some are going for as more

Exploring Light

By Bryan Peterson– You can do one of the best exercises I know near your home whether you live in the country or the city, in a house or an apartment. Select any subject, for example, the houses and trees that line your street or the nearby city skyline. If you live in the country, more

Photos To Art Prints In Eight Simple Steps

By Brady Wilks– A digital inkjet wet transfer print provides a look that no other process can achieve. Due to the variations that an artist can use to manipulate the print and its unique visual aesthetic, this alternative photographic process is a powerful and viable option for an artist’s expression. The process is simple more
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The History of Photography in 5 Minutes

I came across a gem of a video the other day and thought I’d share it with you. But to digress a bit, its title brought back some great memories of Don Novello, a comedian whose character, Father Guido Sarducci, made millions of viewers laugh in the late 70s and early 80s when he appeared more

“Pure Images” are a Myth

By Bryan Peterson –As the years have gone by, I have been pushing myself further and further away from the “obvious” photographic opportunities and more toward the “unseen,” as well as toward creating images from “scratch” (i.e., using props and/or models, and creating compositions that are in fact inspired in part by observing the more

Photographs versus Fine Art Photographs

 By Bruce Barnbaum– Throughout my photographic career, I have been asked, “What is the difference between a fine art photograph and a regular photograph?” This question was asked explicitly at the last workshop I taught before completing the text for The Essence of Photography. It’s an excellent question, one that deserves thought and discussion. more