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Archival Photo Paper: What It Is and When to Use It

What exactly do we mean by “archival paper”? For the full scoop on what it is and when to use it, read more

What is Fiber-Based Photo Paper?

Many photographers seek photo paper with a certain weight and thickness, a smooth finish, and archival quality. Fiber-based photo paper fits the more

Card Stock Weights and Paper Sizes Explained

If you’re looking to print art or photography onto greeting cards, you may wonder which card stock is right for more

How to Print on Card Stock

There’s a difference between planning a weekly date night and planning a wedding. Likewise, printing a recipe on play 8 1/2" paper and printing your artwork on card stock are very more

Best Paper for Postcards: Types, Weight, Uses & More

Selecting the perfect paper for postcards can be a challenging task as it largely depends on the intended use and personal preferences. However, there are some common types of paper and cardstock that are often recommended for creating impressive and durable more

What is Baryta Paper and Why Is it So Popular?

In the intricate realm of photography, the choice of paper is as vital as the camera or lens. The medium can greatly influence the final outcome of an image, adding depth, character, and a unique finish that distinguishes one photograph from more
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Satin Paper vs Matte: Differences & When To Choose Each One

Satin and matte finishes each possess distinctive characteristics and benefits, presenting both emerging and experienced photographers with a sometimes-challenging more

Predicting Print Longevity; It’s Still Tricky

By Albert Chi— When inkjet printers began to output serious works of art, longevity became important. Who knew how long those images would last? Factors affecting more

Photographing the White Horses of the Camargue

By Tony Bonanno— I’ve photographed horses for many years– quarter horses on western ranches, grand prix jumpers, rodeo horses and wild roaming Spanish Mustangs, but none have intrigued me more than the White Horses of the Camargue in the South of France. I’d never heard of them until about five years ago when I more

Lotte Jacobi’s America

By Arthur H. Bleich–   Gary Samson was an aspiring 25-year-old photographer in 1976 when he first met Lotte Jacobi in New Hampshire. She was 80 and a successful German portrait photographer from Berlin who had emigrated to New York City in 1935, narrowly escaping Adolf Hitler’s persecution of the Jews. Samson was working more

Selling Images? Print Them Yourself For Best Results!

  By Kaitlin Walsh–     A couple of years ago I decided that outsourcing my printing didn’t give me the artistic control I needed to make sure  my customers were getting the best possible prints and service that I could give them. My hunger for more autonomy prompted me to set up a more

Choose The Right Paper For Printing Old Photos

By Christine Pentecost– Digitally restoring old and damaged photos and bringing them back to life has been a very rewarding and challenging hobby for me over the past 15 years. I have restored photos from the late 1800s that were mounted on cardboard, to Polaroids from the 70s, and to photos ravaged by Hurricane Katrina’ more
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Kaitlin Walsh– Merging Art With Anatomy

by Arthur H. Bleich– Kaitlin Walsh is a biomedical artist– a rarity in the art world. Her beautifully crafted, abstract anatomy watercolor paintings celebrate the wonders of the human body in ways so imaginative it’s sometimes hard not to fall in love with her deadly cancer cells or even mundane parts of the human body, more

Frank Hamrick– Handcrafted Photobooks

By Arthur H. Bleich– When Frank Hamrick was ten he traded his sister an old hat for a plastic 35mm camera she’d gotten from a kid on the school bus who’d gotten it from his father who’d gotten it from an auto dealer as a premium for test driving a car. And so began more

Our National Parks Odyssey

By Andrew Slaton– Steam from the early morning chill rises off the Green River in the Wind River Range of Wyoming.  Squaretop, an aptly named handsome granite mountain in the distance catches the first rays of the sun, rising somewhere I cannot yet see. I sip my scalding, black coffee in our trailer and wait. more

New Palo Duro Etching Paper Makes “Botanica Spectrum” Bloom

By Shamsy Roomiani– I photograph natural textures and specimens that inspire me using my digital SLR camera and my iPhone camera. These photos are used as reference for my sculptures and drawings, as well as sources for my digital collages. When constructing my digital collages, I work with a collection of photos and then more

Cash In On Greeting Cards!

  By Drew Hendrix– Electronic greeting cards may be click ‘n easy but the public still has a voracious appetite for printed cards; all it takes to enter the market and start making money is a printer, the right Red River Paper card stock and, of course, your best images. The Greeting Card Association more

Quickstart Guide To Inkjet Papers

By Drew Hendrix –Today’s selection of inkjet papers provides amazing creative opportunities for photo enthusiasts by offering quality, control and cost savings previously unknown to photographers who worked with conventional photo papers. There are many more options to let you match the paper’s surface to suit your photographic style. Weight, texture, shade and more more