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Custom Software That Really Struts Its Stuff

By Arthur H. Bleich– I remember buying an all-in-one tool years ago that promised to do everything. It did…kinda. But it did none of them really well. When you need to make a task quick and easy, there’s nothing like using a dedicated tool. Lucis Pro by Microtechnics and Restore by Vivid-Pix are one-trick ponies, more

FREE GIFTS! The Nik Collection from Google and Nik Tutorials from GreyLearning

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade, you know just how coveted Nik imaging software programs are. Google bought Nik in 2012 and has announced that as they focus on long-term investments in building photo editing tools for mobile use, including Google Photos and Snapseed, they’re going to make the more

How To Survive If Your Drive Takes A Dive

By Arthur H. Bleich– There are few things more chilling than to see this message pop up on your computer screen during startup: “This disk is not readable by this computer.” Is your data still on the hard disk? Is it a software problem? A hardware problem? A connection problem? What happened? If it’s your more

Boldly Going Where No Lens Has Gone Before

By Arthur H. Bleich–  You can fiddle around with in Photoshop to merge several images taken at different distance settings in order to increase your depth of field but nothing does it better (or faster) than Helicon Focus, a stand-alone application created by a team of developers, headed by Dan Kozub, in the Ukraine more