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Our First Blog Giveaway! Win a $150 Blynk Camera Package from Lyfeshot

Original Publication Date: December 10, 2014

Article Last updated: December 10, 2014


Marcia   12/10/2014 15:53:42

Sounds like a fun camera! Hope I win.

Don Ruwaldd   12/11/2014 10:11:15

Using Red River paper the photos should be great.

Dawn Downey   12/14/2014 16:47:56

Looks like it could be lots of fun, I would love to win this.

Sally McMillen   12/18/2014 17:10:29

Looks great I would love it.

Daryk Kovelace   12/18/2014 17:38:51

Red River Papers are a great way to make your photography better!

Alice Smith   12/18/2014 18:57:50

These are so cute hope they work as good as they look?

Albert Chi   12/18/2014 19:12:06

They're great! I have one and would like to win one for my sister.

HARBIN KING   12/18/2014 21:13:58

Looks like interesting equipment. Love to try it.

Shanna Tanner   12/18/2014 23:46:34

Thanks for the opportunity to win!!

Helene Glassman   12/20/2014 00:11:30

Here's hoping I'm one of the lucky ones!

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