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Documenting Maine’s Penobscot River Wilderness. Part 1

By Zac Durant— The fierce intensity of the wind had carried my canoe out to the middle of the huge lake, where white caps were threatening to capsize it. Next? more

46 Photogs + 3 Years = 10,000 Images of NH

By Peter E. Randall— Documenting life in New Hampshire? It takes forty-six photographers, a three-year shoot, and that results in a full color hardbound more

Thank Essential Workers With A Personalized Card

By Albert Chi— More than 100,000 people in the U.S. have died from COVID-19 since the year began so it’s easy to understand why the Sympathy and Get Well card slots in store card racks are bare. But Thank You cards are also in short supply at many locations as grateful survivors and their more

Take the High Road for Breathtaking Images!

By Albert Chi– There’s a fantastic photo adventure awaiting you, requiring only a vehicle, your camera and some minimal planning for a most exciting trip. And chances are, it’s probably close to where you live and relatively inexpensive to get to so you can take the whole family along. Okay, what’s the catch? There isn’ more

Kaitlin Walsh– Merging Art With Anatomy

by Arthur H. Bleich– Kaitlin Walsh is a biomedical artist– a rarity in the art world. Her beautifully crafted, abstract anatomy watercolor paintings celebrate the wonders of the human body in ways so imaginative it’s sometimes hard not to fall in love with her deadly cancer cells or even mundane parts of the human body, more

How To Print Beautiful Antique Christmas Cards

By Arthur H. Bleich– The Christmas card-giving tradition began in London in 1843, when Sir Henry Cole commissioned an artist friend, John Horsley, to design a card that could be mailed to his friends. Some say Sir Henry thought up the idea to avoid writing long letters in reply to those sent by friends more
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New Palo Duro Etching Paper Makes “Botanica Spectrum” Bloom

By Shamsy Roomiani– I photograph natural textures and specimens that inspire me using my digital SLR camera and my iPhone camera. These photos are used as reference for my sculptures and drawings, as well as sources for my digital collages. When constructing my digital collages, I work with a collection of photos and then more

Tri-Fold Brochures Can Yield Big Profits

                                                                                       By Arthur H. Bleich– My first introduction to tri-fold brochures came more

Paper Crafts: Make Your Own Valentine Puzzle Purse

  Red River’s greeting card papers are perfect for Valentine’s Day cards  but for something really special,  use Red River’s 12×12-sized paper to make a Valentine Puzzle Purse that will enthrall your beloved and endear you to them forever. Puzzle Purse Valentines made their first appearance in Jane Austin’s time and were the rage from more

Pros Choose Tony Bonanno To Print Their Best Images

Flip a Tony Bonanno coin and it’s a winner either way it lands. Heads, it’s an internationally renowned photographer based in Santa Fe, New Mexico who travels worldwide to shoot architecture, travel, documentary, corporate events, editorial and fine art photography. Tails, a talented digital print maker who works with both Epson and Canon large-format printers more

Cash In On Greeting Cards!

  By Drew Hendrix– Electronic greeting cards may be click ‘n easy but the public still has a voracious appetite for printed cards; all it takes to enter the market and start making money is a printer, the right Red River Paper card stock and, of course, your best images. The Greeting Card Association more

Richard Baker: War and Peace

By Arthur H. Bleich– In 1966, Richard Baker aimed his M-16 at the Vietnamese; today he uses an arsenal of analog cameras to shoot them. His goal is to photograph all 54 ethnic tribes in the country where he was once sent to fight. Now 68, the twice-wounded Army veteran has been back to more
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