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New Palo Duro Etching Paper Makes “Botanica Spectrum” Bloom

By Shamsy Roomiani–

Shamsy Roomiani at work on her “Botanica Spectrum” Exhibit printed on Red River’s new Palo Duro Etching Paper.

I photograph natural textures and specimens that inspire me using my digital SLR camera and my iPhone camera.

These photos are used as reference for my sculptures and drawings, as well as sources for my digital collages.

When constructing my digital collages, I work with a collection of photos and then pair them to create a unique conversation within each composition.

I then manipulate the piece to create intense color combinations, unusual textures, and highlight contrasting elements.

In my most recent solo show, “Botanica Spectrum”, a variety of media was combined to illustrate the wide spectrum of the natural world.


© Shamsy Roomiani

Nature is my greatest inspiration, and I am drawn to the often overlooked and particularly unusual textures in my surroundings. Utilizing printmaking, sculpture, and drawing techniques, I collected, arranged, and reinvented an ethereal environment highlighting the infinite spectrum of nature.

Having a printmaking background, I tend to gravitate toward a heavy weight textured paper when printing my work.

Burst and Bloom © Shamsy Roomiani

The new Palo Duro Etching Paper by Red River Paper was a natural choice for giclée printing my digital collages because of its satisfying weight, the subtle texture (just a hint that doesn’t distract from the print itself), and the fact that it is 100% cotton rag paper.

It is a handsome paper that produces a fine quality print and will not yellow over time (no optical brighteners).

Parasitic © Shamsy Roomiani

My advice for anyone looking to create giclée prints of their work is to make sure you have an appropriate image resolution for the size of print you desire to make.

If your image resolution is too low for your print size, the end result will be a poor print that is pixelated. The minimum should be 300 ppi for the best output.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Shamsy worked with local Dallas, TX photography and inkjet printing lab MakeShift Photography to print her exhibit pieces.


Red River Paper’s Palo Duro Etching Paper

About Shamsy Roomiani:

Shamsy is a native Texas visual artist who relishes her time spent outdoors in the natural world. She received a Fine Arts degree in Printmaking and a BA in Marketing from The University of North Texas and works in various art forms such as printmaking, drawing, sculpture, and installation art.

She teaches workshops in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and hosts plant, print, and paper related events for companies such as the Nasher Sculpture Center, Fossil, Neiman Marcus, West Elm, and NorthPark Center. She has been featured in The Dallas Morning News, The North Texan, The Star Telegram, DMagazine, and the Observer.

More of Shamsy’s work is at:

Contact her at: [email protected]

Original Publication Date: March 29, 2017

Article Last updated: March 29, 2017

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